8 years now

Linda B.
on 9/13/20 8:17 pm - CO
VSG on 09/13/12

It has been quite some time since I have logged in. Today is my 8 year surgery anniversary. I have struggled with weight regain after a horrible car wreck almost two years ago. That event has taken me off the ice twice. The first time was right after. I sprained my MCL and a pretty bad shoulder injury. The shoulder didn't heal, so I needed surgery, which took me off ice again. The shoulder rehab has been slow, but movement and strength are slowly improving. I am working with my coach and husband/ice dance partner to regain my skills so we can hopefully compete this coming spring. I will try to check in more often now that I am working remotely again.

high weight 230 start of journey weight 217 surgery weight 191 current weight 138