Pre Op setbacks.

on 1/14/21 1:32 pm, edited 1/14/21 1:34 pm

OFeeling a bit discouraged.
I have done all my pre reqs for surgery.
Had an abnormal EKG & went in for cardiac clearance.. was unable to get that, due to increased heart rate my cardiologist is giving me a echo and 48 hour monitoring for my heart.
another setback.
Feeling very discouraged..
Any kind words would be appreciated.

To all of my VSG vets, did you all have hoops and bounds you had to get through in order to get your surgery.

I feel like this surgery will never happen.

Cathy H.
on 1/14/21 2:56 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

You shouldn't look at it as something to be discouraged about. Instead, be glad you may have gotten advanced warning about something that could have caused bigger problems during surgery! If it's nothing, then you'll be good to go. But if it's NOT nothing, then count your blessings that having to get the cardiac clearance may just save your life!! You don't want to mess with heart issues...believe me!

In 2 short days you will know for sure what's going on...and hopefully it's nothing and you'll be cleared for surgery! Good luck!

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