Heavy Period on pre-op?????

on 4/7/21 3:15 am
VSG on 04/09/21

Has anyone experienced a heavy menstrual cycle during pre-op liver shrinking diet??? I had my period the week before I started the diet and then 3 days into the diet my period came back and it's been heavy and hasn't stopped for 9 days now my surgery is on Friday I really don't want to be on my period going to the hospital ughhhhhhhh

on 4/7/21 11:21 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I didn't experience that pre-OP, but it did happen to me years before. I contacted my physician. He gave me medication to stop my period (partly so that he could do a pap smear to make sure everything was OK). My period stopped within 12 hours. The pap smear was normal.

My advice: contact your primary care physician immediately.

on 4/9/21 7:17 pm
VSG on 04/13/21

Yes mine is exactly the same. I got mine again on the 3rd day of the two week pre-opt diet and it's super heavy. I have surgery Tuesday so I'm hoping it stops.