Introducing myself and my situation

on 6/12/23 11:26 am - Dix Hills, NY

Hey everyone my name is Daniel Scott Sobel, as of today I stand in at 6'5" and weigh 743 Pounds (BMI = 88.1), My highest I was 829.5 Pounds (BMI = 98.4) which was earlier this year on my 24th birthday. I've always been fairly mobile for my size because of my height and the fact I was always very large. I am looking to get a duodenal switch but I have to get down under 600 for that to happen, I just don't have the discipline to do that. I've been in rehab centers but my insurance won't cover more than a 2 month stay. I feel like I don't have much time left

Patty T.
on 11/1/23 1:12 pm - Boalsburg, PA

You have been doing well - lots of weight loss since your birthday. Discipline is HARD - we all struggle.

What helped me most was separating myself from my enablers, including myself.

I can now control what food is in my house and am not tempted by ice cream in the freezer my ex bought. No delivered food, no fast food. If you don't cook, look into frozen meals like Healthy Choice or WW. Lots of fruit and veggies.

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