Does anyone think I could qualify for sleeve surgery?

on 3/19/15 12:29 am - Aberdeen, NJ

HI Everyone,  

I wanted some opinions of people who have been there so here it goes. I really want the sleeve surgery as I can't seem to get this weight of now at age of 55. It's not like when you were younger. plus it all came on from bloody medication which ticks me off but whatever. my question is whether I c an even qualify for sleeve surgery. my bmi is not quite 35. my blood work has me 1 point away from being diabetic but not cholesterol is over 300 with the LDL rate over 500 (hahaha walking heart attack). don't know if I have apnea but I snore and wake myself up.I still get mild gall bladder attaches even though I had the damn thing remove 3 years ago.! Also i have psoriatric arthritis; fibromyalgia; and some pressed and  bulging discs in neck and back. Since the last 10 lbs creeped up on me i can't feel my left fingers. finally the feet hurt all the time oh and what this has to do with it I don't know but I've jihad chronic bronchitis for months and i sweat after 2 minutes of moving around even in freezing wea

Oh let's not all forget depression and total lack of desire for anything romantic or set.

Finally diabetes and coronary illness runs in the famulky

So given that I'm not quite diabetic and just under 35, I was wondering if I could get some feedback from people as to how you all think I would do as far as getting an approval. ?

Are t even the slightest flexible with the bmi or should I just put on tge last 4 pounds to get there. I'm that close.

Lastly I am in medicaid Horizon HBO plan if anyone know a good bariatric surgeon in NJ (I am in Monmouth county).

Thank you all so much for hearing me out and any advise will be appreciated.

Best regards


on 5/15/15 10:25 am - Alma, KS
VSG on 06/20/14 with

I had sleeve surgery 11 months ago. I am on medicaid and had high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea and was approved. I was told a bmi over 35 with certain medical conditions could get approval. Those conditions usually center around heart, lungs, or diabetes. While your bmi is not over 35, you obviously have health problems that would be considered. I would suggest that you get a sleep study to determine if you have apnea (can become life threatening if left untreated). As I live in Kansas, I do not have a surgeon recommendation for you. I would suggest that you research for ones in your area that have been a Certificate of Excellence as well as the hospital they use. It helps to ensure that future problems can be avoided.

 Dorine Schley 

on 6/30/15 4:14 pm, edited 6/30/15 4:17 pm

With those medical conditions, I think you will get approval.  I had a BMI of 36 with diabetes (uncontrolled with meds), GERD, and high blood pressure.  After being tested I had mild sleep apnea that the doctor didn't think was necessary to treat. I qualified for all three procedures, and decided on the RNY.

Go to the doctor and he or she will tell you if they believe surgery is warranted.  Keep us posted!

White Dove
on 11/21/15 7:19 am

I started with my insurance and talked to them about their qualifications.  They required a BMI over 35 and at least two of the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Sleep Apnea
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Venous Stasis Disease (Collection of Blood in the Lower Limbs)
  • Soft Tissue Infections

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