Thanks Don!

Seev !
on 8/22/15 4:18 am
RNY on 08/20/15

Guys, starting day two post op and I need to send a shout out to Don.  I've had lots of burps the first couple of days, but that's it.  Well I woke up this morning to some gas pain and was able to sneak out a couple of squeakers, that's great.  Then, a big gas pain came and I thought of Don's tag line.  Well it's a good thing I bolted for the porcelain because the unholy mess that followed that fart would have taken a hazmat team of ten to clean up.

So Don, you have saved another newb an embarrassing moment.  Kudos!



on 8/22/15 5:39 am
VSG on 09/26/14

HW: 450
SW: 428 9/26/14
Reached 'normal' BMI (24.9) with a weight of 199.9: 2/5/2016


Don 1962
on 8/22/15 6:12 am

You're welcome, Tom.

Regardless of how far out you are it is still a "rule of cool" that is very useful!


on 8/23/15 4:11 am
VSG on 03/16/15

That's good **** Pun intended

Ht:6'5 Start weight 427, surgery weight=362 current weight 238 goal weight unsure?

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