Well that was dumb/Don't do this at home, kids

Seev !
on 9/3/15 11:14 pm
RNY on 08/20/15

Did I ever learn a lesson today.  I am not Superman, not even a morbidly obese Clark Kent..  Wow.  I prepared ribs for the family on the grill, slow cooked at low heat for hours.  Well, they were falling off the bone as I was taking them off the grill and a little tender end piece of meat was left there all by it's lonesome.  I stupidly nibbled on it, thinking I chewed the heck out of it and everything would be fine.  No, no, and no.  Shortly after it felt like I had swallowed a cinder block whole.  It was hot out, but I started sweating, and then became super uncomfortable.  I laid down for a few minutes but the discomfort would not subside.  It was even hard to breathe.  The next thought in my head was....PURGE!  Bolted for the john and had a big yack attack.  Lots of saliva and foamies and finally a little piece of meat.  Chalk that up as a big lesson learned.


 Not a proud moment indeed.



on 9/4/15 1:44 am

You are not alone Tom. About a week ago at a BBQ while everyone was eating ribs, I was offered to have cooked for me a turkey burger no bun of course.  I have had thinly sliced turkey before no problem, but not a turkey burger and I thought no problem.

 I ate it and before I could catch myself, I felt it get stuck. Extreme pain with awful nausea. Pain and the overwhelming sensation of wanting to barf and couldn't. That horrible combination went on for more than three hours before I was finally to puke it up. I felt like I had been through World War three. 

Lesson learned, be very careful when eating new foods and I must slow down. I won't forget anytime soon. The new reality of my new life.


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Don 1962
on 9/4/15 3:25 am

Tom and Terry -

Foamies and projectile vomiting are part of the ride.  To this day even seeing a piece of dry baked or grilled chicken gives me flash backs!

on 9/4/15 7:26 am - IA
VSG on 07/01/15

Similar experience.... and first and only barf so far.   I, also, was eating ribs that I pain stakingly prepared... (love them!) but my story is not a problem with the fall off the bone ribs, it was the small ear of sweet corn as my side, being from Iowa eating at least some sweet corn is a MAJOR summer ritual if not required.  Using my preferred method of eating a row along the length of fairly short sweet corn cob the tasty corn stuck and up it all came.  Thankfully not a 3 hour ordeal as some but 3 minutes is more than enough.

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on 9/4/15 7:56 am - Dorado, Puerto Rico

Welcome to the club.  My first one was with some carefully smoked chicken thigh.  Since, I have mostly eaten chicken in salads and baked dark meats.  I am very much against boiling any type of meat, but for our surgery is a goods option. 


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on 9/6/15 1:56 pm

hey    got the yaks ha?  well we all learn right?? last night we went for ice cream and both the wife and I felt a little upset. one night I for get what we had for dinner but I got the foaming and man was I sick( seems that its easier if you have to vomit now) but no one ever likes to vomit . weighted my self this am and i'am  down to 196.7lbs started at 257 and I feel realy good went shopping and got 9nto size 34 shorts wow hey keep up the good work

on 9/10/15 4:08 pm

If it was pork it is harder to digest.  I had to wait about a year to go back to pork.  Pork, deer, bear, lamb are all harder to digest...The worst.  Sometimes beef doesn't sit well with people.  After 6-12 months they can go back to the meat that game them problems...Trial and error.  If you had RNY remember the pouch rules...YOU DON"T!!

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