Excuse me, was that a FART?

Seev !
on 9/11/15 12:28 am, edited 9/11/15 1:03 am
RNY on 08/20/15


I took my young'ins to their school picnic today and met a buddy who I hadn't seen in a month when we met on vacation ( a couple of weeks pre-op).  I hadn't told him or his wife about the surgery and he was like a normal dude and asked if I had maybe lost a couple of pounds.  I told him about the surgery and everything was cool.  His wife was with their other kid and later came to me and said she saw me earlier and was afraid to ask me if I was really sick because of the weight loss.  Luckily her husband had filled her in on what was going on.

Kind of a morbid FART, I think, if you can pardon the bad pun.



Don 1962
on 9/11/15 2:35 am

"FART" is an acronym for "Fantastic, Awesome, Remarkable and Terrific".  It is also more acceptable to say in public than "BONER".  "Big Occasion, Now Everybody Rejoice".  It is Men's board speak equivalent to the "WOW" that the ladies use and was implemented by our predecessors.  So the incident with the spouse asking if you were ill makes the cut.  Pun intended.  Others involve air plane seats, amusement rides, smaller sizes etc.

on 9/13/15 2:52 pm
VSG on 03/16/15

Nice!  I actually had one of the nurses that I work with come up to me and say " I wanted to ask you of everything is OK with you health wise ? "  I was like yes. She then said" you lost a lot of weight and you look great. " she didn't want to say that if I was sick. Lol. Congratulations on your success. 

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on 9/14/15 1:16 pm

That's a common thread..."Poor guy, I think he has cancer..."

Mathew M.
on 9/17/15 2:58 pm

yeah, I've gotten that a few times myself.  You can see the look in their eye if you haven't seen them since you've lost the weight.  There is that suspicious and sympathetic look that says, "oh my, he must be really sick."  I tell them I've not been this healthy in decades!!!



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