How not to get your protein in

Seev !
on 9/28/15 6:28 am
RNY on 08/20/15


You probably already know this, but I am fairly slow.  Anyway, I was at work and looking to get my protein in and through amazingly poor planning all I had was tomato soup.  Well, I also had some packs of beneprotein powder with me.  Huh, a brainwave, or so I had thought, hit me to put the protein powder into the tomato soup.  Kinda like the old "Your peanut butter is in my chocolate.  No, your chocolate is in my peanut butter." commercial. 

Well, the end result was NOTHING like a previously considered delicious Reese's peanut butter cup.  In fact, it was just plain awful.  In a previous life (pre Aug 20, 2015) I was not one to dump food, I was quite the enemy of waste.  That mindset is down the toilet now, along with the absolutely disgusting tomato soup with congealed clumps of "unflavored" beneprotein.  Yeah, no flavor added, but nasty flavor to begin with.

Sigh!  Yet another learning experience.

(note: I did not have a mixer at my disposal, and results 'may' have varied had I been able to thoroughly blend the powder into cold water)



on 9/28/15 7:25 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

Yep, there's a learning curve for sure. I learned that lesson trying to add protein to my sugar free hot chocolate. You are correct, add to cold water first, them add to something hot. Otherwise, all you make is a mess. 


on 10/2/15 8:55 pm

In all three of my vehicles I keep a can (pop top) of chicken or beef vegetable soups. I learned that trick early on. Yeah, for the first few years I kept some protein powder with me in the cars. I also keep in my vehicles (with winter coming on this is easier...less spoilage); a baggie mix of Cheerios, nuts [plain almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds], dry roasted peanuts (has sugar), pistachios (roasted), roasted soy nuts, raisins, banana chips (it has sugar added...beware). With this mix I add 1 or two rye crackers...In case I get nauseous. If you can handle beef, consider beef jerky with very little sugar...chew well!! Good luck on your journey...And it is a journey as you have found out. Brian

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