Sunday Weigh In

on 7/9/17 8:07 am
VSG on 11/28/16

209.0 Last week
207.6 Today

Hard work at home seems to have paid off. Hopefully it is not just sweated weight. Planted 12 more aborvitaes and moved
10 yards of soil. With my weight loss I have gotten a new life. I really enjoy working around and enjoying our yard. My
job has me mostly sedentary (technician), and I have been finding myself getting restless just sitting at a bench. Well,
off to Home Depot to buy 200 feet of soaker hose and then fertilizing all 22 trees with root stimulant.

Have a great week everyone!

Don 1962
on 7/9/17 3:16 pm

Last week - 185.0

This week - 184.6

Yard work day today here too. Managed to get it done before the anticipated showers started the clouds to gather. Rained up to the fence row and quit!

Work issues got in the way of normal treadmilling last week and this week is already getting twisted. Off tomorrow for Dr. and DDS appointments so Tuesday earliest chance again.

Did make run to North Harris County (out side of Houston) yesterday. FB group of HS associates had get together at a park. Wound up eating lunch at Mexican food place. Went to Woodlands to clean off memorial plaque to my Dad out side building he used to work in. Have to see for myself every year or two that is still there and has not been stolen to be sold for scrap. After that it was Target and home. Nice little 10 hour trip.

It's summer time. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 7/10/17 5:12 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

337.6: High weight Dec '13

311.3: Surgery day 1/16/14

191.8: 1st Surgiversary

199.2: 2nd Surgiversary

201.6: 3rd Surgiversary

204.6: Last Weigh in

205.4: CW

Food: F

Water: B

Vitamins: F


Another week of vacation, another pound almost. Back in my office this morning, and glad to be back in a normal routine, sort of.

Lots of stressers going on that I need to watch for. In Michigan to visit my parents last week, and any visit could be my last. I need to start planning for a funeral. On the job front, my boss is flying to Minneapolis today to meet one-one. Its tough when he starts the conversation with "you know you'll have a job". Ughh. That conversation could go any way. We'll see.


on 7/10/17 9:19 am, edited 7/10/17 2:29 am

Hopefully this is done in love...Qajohn you are being called out. Yeah, I know when you are in crisis (family members dying) you are walking around in a fog. You grab whatever food you can (and it may not be the best)...You are concerned with the comfort of your loved ones and how to serve them. I get it, I've been there. But this is the second week in a row where your vitamins are an F. If you had the VSG it wouldn't be a real issue. But with the RNY you really need to stay on top of your vitamins. Put them in a baggie in your suitcase or in your car/truck. Keep them at work or in your pockets. Set your phone timers to remind you to take them. The key ones are calcium, B Complex, and B-12. Iron may be less important...But still, with the malabsorbtion, you need to try and get these in.

Hoping and praying for your comfort during your time of loss. Also praying for at least a C on those vitamins next week. Brian

on 7/10/17 11:23 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

You're right. I've had them, but I have not been in my routine. I normally carry them with me, but these last couple weeks were problematic. I can get them back to an A for sure.


on 7/10/17 8:12 am
VSG on 02/01/17

High weight (June 2011): 328

Pre surgery weight (2/1/17): 283

M1: -32.5 M2: -11.9 M3: -16.4 M4: -12.6 M5: -14.6

Last wek: 195.0

This week: 193.8

I can't complain about a pound of loss after the way I ate last week and didn't exercise. Calorie average for the week was almost 1200 per day, way over the 800-850 I'm usually at. I got my 10k steps in most days, but was away from home and didn't get to doing cardio or karate. Time to get back on track this week!

on 7/10/17 9:59 am

The big issue for the last month or so is getting in good sleep without sleep meds. It has worked pretty good. Got about 7 hours last night. I think what has helped is I stopped all caffeine by about noon. The 3 things with caffeine I have, also has sugar in them. They include my coffee in the morning, dark chocolate in the morning, and ice tea (hot black tea in the winter) at lunch. Also with the sugar I have stopped using it at about 2-4 pm. I've even cut down on my fruit in the evening. Mind you this is for sleep (major sleep issues). But because of this diet I am also losing weight. I do a fair amount of work and exercise throughout the day.

Highest about 300

Day of surgery 272

Lowest 187

Last week 200-201

Today (Monday) 197.5-198

Again not trying to diet...Well that's not quite true. I am looking more into the Seventh Day Adventist type of diet. I do not follow it in many ways. I still eat simple carbs, meat, turkey, very very small amounts of pork, cheese, sugar. But I am eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans. Again this is more for my sleep issues...But the side effect is a loss in weight. Brian

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