Sunday Weigh in

on 12/10/17 5:34 am, edited 12/10/17 5:36 am - Woodbury, MN
RNY on 01/16/14

337.6: High weight Dec '13

311.3: Surgery day 1/16/14

191.8: 1st Surgiversary

199.2: 2nd Surgiversary

201.6: 3rd Surgiversary

212.0 Last Weigh in

213.2: CW

Food: C-

Water: B

Vitamins: A-

Exercise: B

Weight is still on a downward spiral, but I thought I did better eating last week. Feels like I'm trying to turn around a cruise ship rather than a speed boat. Travel is slowing down, but Christmas week will be a struggle.

On a positive note, Grandchild #6 came a couple weeks early this week. Mom and baby are doing well. My wife went to see her this weekend, and we'll be at their house for christmas. It helps keep me grounded in why I am working so hard to stay healthy.

Have a great week all!


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on 12/10/17 6:09 am
VSG on 10/11/16

Congratulations on the grandchild! We've got six as well. Four we get to see on a regular basis, but the other two live 1100 miles away, so we don't see them as often.

After writing last week how I was happy where I was, I dropped two more lbs to 274, which was yesterday's weigh in. I am back up a pound to 275 today, but that is normal fluctuation for me. So net loss as of this morning is 1 lb for the week.

High weight 481

Goal weight 300

Current weight 275

Low weight 274

on 12/10/17 8:29 am
VSG on 11/28/16

195.7 Last week
196.4 Today

Food: C
Water: C
Vitamins: A
Exercise: C

Congrats on the new addition!

Did real good on eating and exercise for most of the week. But Friday rolled around and went out with the Mrs. Then last nigh****ching TV at home and mindless consumption of salty buttery popcorn (hot air popped of course) :-) I had last weeks weight beat yesterday, but this morning was a different story.

Good week to all!

Don 1962
on 12/10/17 11:53 am

Last week: 186.0

This week: 186.0

I must be living right! Been really trying to watch the eats and get in more exercise when I can.

Congratulations Grandpa!

Grim Reaper working his ass off lately around where I work. One of the HS seniors with preexisting condition, a couple of the turds and Friday morning our utility secretary's youngest son, mid-20's, died in a house fire. Parents are numb. Funeral is tomorrow.

On the bright side nice agency assist this week. Short chase, five in custody, property recovered and one of the five had 12 outstanding warrants. Two felonies and rest misdemeanors. Still doing the reports!

Looks like Christmas shopping is in the bag - literally. Few minor things left but majority done.

As you were.

Never, and I mean NEVER, trust a fart!! 

on 12/11/17 10:16 am

199-200 I've gained over the weeks. I've had a cold since last Wednesday. I've done less work, but still grazed during this time. My downfall is tortilla chips!! All that oil, fat, and carbs...But they taste so good. Cold is almost gone...I mowed the front lawn yesterday. That helped. I need to keep moving or drop the junk food...Common sense I know...Just need to do it. Brian

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