Native American Flute Music

on 9/5/03 11:29 am - Littleton, CO
wonderful music to mediate by; to relax; I enjoyed it so much; I bought a flute and am trying to learn to play.
Cathy H.
on 11/19/04 11:54 am - Efland, NC
Traditionally it was used to put the village to sleep at night, which is the reason you feel relaxed and can meditate. It is an understatement to say that it is soothing. I can also recommend that you look up a fellow by the name of Lawrence Laughing. This man has the MOST AMAZING VOICE. He is signed with Silver Wave Records (they have a web site), and he has in the past done some joint ventures with Mary Youngblood. About a year ago he did a solo album named "Now Our Minds Are One"!! That is the english translation of the Mohawks close to a prayer. All the songs are prayers. The peace these songs leave in your heart is beyond mere human words. Take care and good luck with the lessons. Cathy
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