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Shannon B.
on 3/19/04 1:37 am - Ashland, KY
Hiya! I'm Shannon, and I've been a Bon Jovi fan since my friends and I saw them open for Ratt in Charleston WV in 1985. We were so ga-ga over them that we didn't stick around to watch Ratt!! I'm waiting for my consultation meeting with my surgeon, and can't wait to fit into my 'skinny' jeans again. Maybe by the time I can fit into them, they'll be back in fashion. Let me know who you are and where you are. Let's kick it up a few notches in here! Shannon BMI 44.9 Pre-Op
on 4/16/04 2:58 am - S. Ozone Park, NY
Hi Shannon My name is Maria. I live in NYC. I've been a fan of Bon Jovi from the age of 15. I saw them play back in 1989 in NJ. I wish you luck with your consultation meeting with your surgeon. I'm still doing research for myself about the WLS. I totally understand the feeling of Skinny jeans. :0) Nice to meet you. Maria
on 5/11/04 12:46 pm
hey girl.... I'm a B-J fan too...and from Ashland, isnt that weird? Sher
Lynda Schachtner
on 5/19/04 2:18 am - Carroll, IA
Shannon yes Bon Jovi Rocks!!!!! i have all there records and funny thing my sister took them all from me cuz he is more in love with them then i am....I have never seen them but i would love to someday...... lynda
Kelle W
on 6/25/04 8:50 am - Atlanta, GA
That's really funny, I saw Bon Jovi on that tour as well. I got dragged by my ex-brother in law....for some reason he thought I liked heavy metal and was always buying me tickets to see bands like Loverboy and Ratt so he'd have someone to go with! I was like, don't all the Duran Duran, Cure and Sex Pistols buttons on my jackets tip you guys off? oh well, it was a free show and at least I got to say I saw them way back when they first started out! Kelle
(deactivated member)
on 7/6/04 4:10 pm - I.E., CA
Hey Shannon! Girl...I think we saw the same tour. I was about 12 when my Mom took me to the 1986 Ratt/Bon Jovi concert in Los Angeles, CA (I won the tix on a radio station). I had only heard of Ratt up to that point but I remember when the concert was over I told my Mom...That first group was way better than Ratt!!! Anyway, as for me...I have an appointment w/ my doctor at Kaiser on July 28th to tell him that I want gastric bypass surgery and to lets get the ball rolling! Check out my profile & keep me posted on what's going on with you. Take care! ~Ronda
on 9/22/04 7:14 am - Home sweet home, CA
Shannon, I wasn't the biggest fan until I got to know Jon Bon Jovi. Yes, I said got to know him. My boyfriends best friend owned a caterering company which fed the stars!! I would set up the dressing rooms and green rooms areas for all the big tours IN Orange County and L.A. He is sooooooooo nice and cute. I have autographs and have run into him several times. I've probably catered to about 160+ bands. I had an ALL ACCESS PASS!! I have a lot of crazy stories but the NICE people are the ones that stand out!! Those were my wild and crazy days I WAS THIN THEN and was propositioned alot but I was a good girl and my boyfriend worked with me back stage-He is now my awesome husband and we two little boys. I always watch Jon's movies and tv appearances. California Summer!! I'm Pre op BMI 38 *******this is an old post hope u get my msg and hope youre doing well*****
on 2/8/05 2:43 am - Ozark, MO
I LOVE Jon Bon Jovi AND Ritchie Sambora!!! They are totally AWESOME and I think I would melt if I ever saw them in person! Love the hair back then when they were "Living On A Prayer". It looked so soft!
cindy calder
on 11/25/06 5:49 pm - cleveland, TN
i know this message started eons ago but being bored tonight i was skimming through and well if you go to my avatar you will see for fact i am a bon jovi fan i started listening to bon jovi when runaway came out saw my first concert in 89 then again in 93 and basically every tour since then..this past yr i saw them 5 times the winter part and the summer part well july 29th i took my son to his very first bon jovi show hes been begging me since he was 4 and i said next tour well sure enough he didnt forget lol..he had a blast and wants to go again he caught a shirt from nickelback we were at giants stadium for that show nothing like seeing them in there hometown...and also to add i have been to jons house well not inside or anything but i have a pic of me standing in front of it..the winter show me and my friend won on stage passes and well that was really cool shook jons hand and then this summer i was in the fanclub pit and again got to touch his hand so i guess the saying goes just a matter of being in the right place at the right time...still a fan 23 yrs later
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