stretched stoma

on 10/14/16 12:13 pm

MY stoma has stretched. My bariatric Dr said I should do the Rose Procedure they go down your throat to help tighten it and while I was in there he can make the pouch smaller too..Has anyone had the Rose Procedure done ?? If so what do you think of it, also will insurance cover it if the stoma has stretched





H.A.L.A B.
on 12/19/16 3:24 pm

You may try to post that question on the revision forum. 

I did not have that - but from what I heard - it is not really successful long term. Some report losing some weight initially- due to liquid diet they are put on, but not much long term. 

Only your insurance can tell you if they approve it - some do some don't. Your doc can tell uou if they'll cover it. 

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