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My name is Paula Lino and I had Bariatric weight loss surgery in Nov 2003 at the Bariatric Treatment Center in Wylie Tx. The Surgeon was Dr Raymond Capps. I have called the numbers that are online and no such luck. Might someone be able to help me locate my medical records from Bariatric Treatment Center in Wylie Tx.

Maybe the name has changed of the Center?

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hello Plino,

We researched Dr. Raymond Capps and it appears he no longer is practicing. Most surgeons do not have to keep records beyond 3-5 years. A hospital does. You can try to get your H&P history and physical from when you had surgery and your op report from the hospital where you had surgery done.

Good Luck!


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Kathy S. Thank you for checking on that for me. As far as the hospital records I had the surgery there at the Bariatric Treatment Center. But i do think it is no longer operating.

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RNY on 12/22/14

I checked the Texas State Medical Board

and found this doctor currently registered. If this is your guy, send a request for your records. If this is your guy and you do not get a response within 15 days then file you can file a complaint with the state med bd - the complaint form is online. So you can get your records, or at least a response as to what they have.

The dr is currently not licensed to practice in the state of texas - he may have retired, but this is his last registered business address, they may know how to get a hold of him. asp


H4212 is his med license number. This place may also be out of business, but they may have left a forwarding address. It may be worth a try to send a letter - if only the form requesting your records.

The 15 days is set by the Texas State Med Bd per the below website. Your current dr can provide the form for you to obtain your records. If you're serious, send your letter by registered mail, return rec requested.

See also sumers

There is also a dr with same name here:


417 Chippendale Dr
Rockwall, TX 75032
(972) 285-8981

Sorry, but you have some more researching to do.


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