Input from old timers from another old timer please re: acid reflux attack so long after surgery

on 3/27/11 11:54 am - Canada


Hi everyone,

I hope you have all been well. I have not been on the boards for weeks and weeks it seems. Fell off the wagon big time again + I have been out of town twice in the last month.

I am freaking out for many reasons, and not so much from the weight gain as I am determined to rid those carbs from my system and start fresh again, but mostly because I had a horrifying and probably the worst ever acid reflux/gerd attack last night - I have not had one in about 18 months. I developed gerd post-op (did not have it before as far as I am aware) and had a few attacks and was taking nexium twice daily, then down to one time per day, and then the last 6 months approx I have been taking it very sporadically, maybe once per week. I was feeling great and had not had an attack in so so long!

Well....two nights ago I woke to this burning fire and I could not breathe well either as I was so congested with this burning flem crap. It was really scary. I luckily have some liquid med leftover from post-op to help with acid reflux (like a gaviscon) and I also quickly took a nexium.  It was horrible, horrible....I felt like crap for hours and hours and still today have not felt 100% as it took a lot out of me and really freaked me out.

By chance I am going to be seeing a bariatric surgeon from Florida who will be here later this week to assist with some surgeries and I have an appt with him and believe I am scheduled for an endoscopy. Because of my move, I have not had access to my regular surgeon and docs for a year now.

Do you think this attack is solely related to me eating too much crap?

I thought I had kicked the acid reflux over a year ago! This has really freaked me out.

Thanks for letting me go on. I almost forgot my sign-in details as I had let it go too long for checking on the boards.
I have to check in more often as these boards and all of you really are a good source of positive support.

Input? Comments? Why did this happen now?

Best to all of you,

Diminishing Dawn
on 3/27/11 9:32 pm - Windsor, Canada
Could be related but you should consult your doctor if it is a repeated thing. Always better to get medical advice.

A few months ago I was on here because I had one night where I had the worst burning reflux and was literally up all night, heaving, feeling pain, gagging. It was awful. I have never been able to throw up and never got any relief.  It was following a day of very heavy eating at a workshop for school.

Has not happened again.  I would have taken the issue to my doctor had it repeated.  I was up all night and then extremely tired the next day and then slept all the next day.  Whacked my body completely out.

I chalk it up to perhaps one night of my pouch being incredibly fedup, or possible food poisoning or something stuck (never had anything stuck) or a flu. It was a freak thing that happened and it has never happened again.


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on 3/27/11 10:22 pm - Canada
Hi Dawn - thanks for replying. I am so sorry to hear what you went through a while back. It sounds very similar to what happened to me a couple of nights ago. It was horrendous; very, very painful and scary. It felt like my insides esophagus area was completely on fire and I was congested and had trouble breathing. It really knocked the XXXX out of me!

I am glad to hear you have not had it happen again.

Question: did you ever take acid reflux meds like Nexium and if so, when did you stop taking it?
on 3/27/11 11:53 pm
Joy and Dawn I think you have both answered your own had reflux after a particular period of poor eating

I say this because I have had the same thing and was surprised....and then realized it was entirely due to what I had consumed the past few days....too much fat and sugar (white carbs)

I think if we had a reflux attack and had been eating purely than I would be there would not have been a forseeable reason







on 3/28/11 7:40 pm - Canada
Dear Barb,

I also wondered if it was due to excess eating of "bad" foods/carbs. All I know is it totally freaked me out as I had not had any issues like this in at least a year!

Thanks for your input.

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