I look different.

Arlene J.
on 5/14/11 7:56 am - Barrie, Canada
Haven't posted in a bit..But here goes the book again.

My whole process has been an experience..Open RNY July 2006
Lost 110
2011 January had a 28 lb panis removed..with a bleed around 10 pm and back to the or we went..So long story very short..Gotta love this.

My Sister lost some weight and I don't have to buy tops..or an leather JKT
Cause she cleaned out her closet and yippee I scored huge.  They fit..

Pants and skirts are a different thing..I now have a lap so if that tells you anything
everything fits on the butt end but the front side..Seamstress here I come..
I am also doing a lot of protien and trying water yuk
But I am doing it..

Also, that drain hole is still there 4 cm..not wide at all..so I guess she will be guest for a while..
Nurse is still my visitor 3 times a week to repack it..I just wi**** would heal..3.5 months I would say is enough. I can't go fishing or swiming either.  Ouch..

Purchased a 2002 Sebring,  she looks good now, for the safety..for myself by myself...if you knew my spouse you'd understand why..

on 5/14/11 2:00 pm - Hamilton, Canada
Sounds like you're doing great (minus the non-healing thing).  Keep it up!


Former RNY patient revising to Sleeve then DS.
Appts: Dietitian - January 21/19; July 16/19, August 13/19, September 17/19, October 15/19; Social Worker: August 23/19; DS Orientation: March 20/19; Internist: September 30/19; Surgeon: November 13/19 (signed consent).
Surgery Date: February 28/20.


on 5/15/11 8:38 am - Cambridge, Canada
Congratulations on all your success.  Hoping your healing is done soon and all that will be behind you.


Dr. Reed
VSG May 24/2011

on 5/15/11 11:03 am
May I ask why u waited so many years to h ave the pannus removed? And it's taking so long to heal cause of the bleed? How does it Look? Hope u feel better soon.
Arlene J.
on 5/16/11 12:07 am - Barrie, Canada
I was told to have the pannis removed 25 or more years ago and was too scared....

I had lost my drain on that side before it was due to come out..So the doc's say it could take up from 3 to 6 months to close..so here I sit..

I feel pretty good actually.  Just wishing it would heal..I am walking alot and look a whole lot better.

Thanks for the questions, I don't mind answering..
on 5/16/11 2:42 am
I hear ya. My stomach fold from previous loss/gain is my biggest issue with skin and needs to be removed. I am scared soni understand the fear factor.
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