Wait times in Guelph??

on 11/3/11 11:52 am
Does anyone know of the wait times in Guelph?? I had my last appointment in July and am in the book for education session..Does anyone know how long the wait times are now???
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on 11/3/11 12:04 pm - Guelph, Canada
 when was your first appointment?

I was talking to Audry a few weeks ago and she was working on the march group... to be honest that was about a month ago... I am in the July group (thats when my first appointment was) and she said to expect april ish times for me... 
on 11/3/11 12:40 pm
HI Dee I had my first 3 hour meeting the end of May..and my last appointment was the end of july.. I was told I was in the Yellow book I think and have heard nothing yet...I hope I get called soon for a educational appointment soon...Have you had yours yet??
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on 11/3/11 1:08 pm - Guelph, Canada
 Oh heck NO.... I am in the yellow book and standing still...

I had to call Audry because my gyn wants to do a hyster and I didnt want the hyster to interfere with the RNY so if I had to make a choice I would have dont the hyster first... so I called Audry to see if I am expected in say Decembe..she said no it was looking more like April for me for my surgery.. and late Feb early March for the classes...
LuAnne H.
on 11/3/11 12:56 pm - London, Canada
I called Linda last week.  She said it could be atleast a month or two before I hear anything about attending the surgical ed class.

Referal Apr.17, 10   Orientation Feb.24, 11  !st  App (SW,NUT.RN) May 17, 11
2nd App (SM,NUT,RN) Jul. 7,11, Post-op Nut class Jan 13,12,  surgeon Feb27,12
surgery April 5,2012
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on 11/3/11 2:12 pm

I had my post op class oct 11 and my first appoint was march 29- I know they are working on mid april now - started first day of optifast today and the shake is sh*t... yukkie

on 11/3/11 2:52 pm - Canada
It goes by your first meeting with the team. Mine was in March and I had my meet the surgeon appt Oct 21st. Surgery date is Dec 1st, so they are likely booking those that had their first team appts in April now.  The nutrician/eating post op meeting thing happens when they get enough people available to attend.  They used to do it individually but now to save on that work load they just get groups. My group had about ten people in it. One person that was there already had their surgery date so you can't really go by the date of that meeting. Usually just the date when you were there meeting them all for first orientation.
on 11/4/11 6:07 pm - Harriston , Canada
I had my education group orientation thingy in July of 2011 13 months after my referrral went in. I had my 1st set of Appt last oct 26th and my 2nd and final set they told me Nov 18th.. But I have no idea how longer after that until I get a date of any kind...the nurse seem to think 4-6 months from December.