I am home!!!

Pam B.
on 11/4/11 3:21 am
Hey everyone just thought that I would just drop in with a quick note to say everything went well and that I am home!  Yay me! I will post again soon when I am feeling up to it.
Thanks everyone for your support!
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Monica M.
on 11/4/11 3:21 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
Yay For YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for you. Go have a nap, come back and let us know how wonderful you're doing!!!!
on 11/4/11 3:28 am - Athens, Canada
Welcome to the bench Pam.  Nap, then walk and sip, sip, sip!  Take good care and keep us posted.
on 11/4/11 3:46 am
Welcome home :)  All the best as you nap and heal. 

on 11/4/11 3:47 am - Ottawa, Canada

Pam!!! The bench is a better place with you sitting on it!! Welcome to the bench. Sending positive healing vibes your way. Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey.



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Lorraine M.
on 11/4/11 3:58 am - Canada
What wonderful news Pam,

get lots of rest and I wish you the best in your recovery. Remember to get your water/liquids in.


on 11/4/11 4:01 am - Canada
Congrats and welcome to the Bench! 
on 11/4/11 4:10 am - Canada
Congratulations on your surgery and glad to here you are feeling good ... I came home on Wednesday and almost feel over whelmed with the eating (protein) and drinking thing .. and i have no idea when to take all the vitamins and supplements as some cannot be taken within hours of others .  I have a thyroid pill that says to take on an empty stomach and not to take within 4 hours of a multivitamin or calcium .. There doesn;t seem to be enough hours in the day ... have no time to nap as i am always trying to eat or sip .. At the full fluid stage what do you think it more important .. getting in the fluids or the protein ... ?
on 11/4/11 8:01 am
Protein first, always protein!!

With the vitamins and medications why don't you call your local pharmacist and make an appointment for a consultation to sort out when to take what. Or call your clinic, the nutritionist could probably help you as well or if your clinic has a pharmacist so much the better.


Brenda T.
on 11/4/11 4:37 am - Oshawa, Canada
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So happy things have gone well!! So glad to hear an update.

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