one week post op

Pam B.
on 11/10/11 1:51 am
Well, it has been one week and one day since I had surgery.  This week has been very interesting and quite the adjustment.  In the first few days I struggled to get in anywhere close to 2L of fluids, but am happy to say that the last couple of days I have even gotten more than 2L!!  So proud of myself for that accomplishment, although it may not sound like much, for me it is a huge thing seeing as even before surgery I didn't drink nearly as much as what I should.  I go for my one week follow-up tomorrow.  I generally all-around feel pretty great!  I have more energy, but am prone to becoming tired a lot easier.  It has been tough a couple of times to cook dinner for the family, but not be able to join them, but then I think about what is ahead for me and it doesn't seem so bad.  I am just keeping my "eye on the prize" and know that this is what I chose to do and in the long run will not only benefit me, but my family as well.  I look forward to next week when I start full fluids just to break up the monotony.  I have great support here at home, at the church I attend and of course from all of you here on OH.  Thank you everyone for your support it is nice to know I have somewhere to go when I need to connect with those who have been through or are going through the same as me.
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on 11/10/11 1:59 am
It sounds like you are doing terrific, Pam.  Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

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Megan M.
on 11/10/11 2:00 am - Canada
It'll take a while for your energy to return to normal.  You'll be able to go and go, but then you'll crash and need to rest.  This is normal - you've just had major surgery and it takes its toll on you.  That's why they say 6 weeks is a reasonable recovery.  I found that until that time was up I needed an afternoon nap.  Keep up the good work.  It only gets better and better.

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on 11/10/11 2:12 am
OMG I think I've had several days where I had naps! Tuesday I crashed for about 3 hours. I'm having a hard time getting comfortable at night as I just can't sleep on my side yet so that is why I need so many naps.

Good job Pam with the fluids. Yes it is difficult to be cooking for the family, I have to do that as well and for me it's not that I can't eat what I'm cooking it's that I am just right off food so I've little interest in what I am doing.


on 11/10/11 3:04 am - Athens, Canada
Glad to hear that you are recovering nicely.  I know that sometimes you feel like your old self but be careful not to overdo it, because it does take a while for the energy to level out and get back to normal.  I agree that naps were a definite requirement during the first few weeks post-op.

Take care and keep up the good work.
Monica M.
on 11/10/11 3:11 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
Thanks for sharing your progress, Pam! It's so exciting for us post ops, and i remember how inspiring it is, from when i was preop, to hear about someone else moving through the process and having success with it!!

Keep your chin up, keep on keeping on with the program, and you'll do awesome!!
on 11/10/11 3:13 am - Cambridge, Canada
 Glad to hear you are recovering well.  It will take a while for your energy to return.  I'm 5 1/2 months out and some days I still get extremely tired.  But most days I feel 20 years younger so you will be great.  


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Brenda T.
on 11/10/11 3:49 am - Oshawa, Canada
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I'm so thrilled you are doing do well Pam!! Let us know what the doctor says tomorrow.
And so excited for all the wow's coming your way!!

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Karen M.
on 11/10/11 3:52 am - Mississauga, Canada
Glad to hear you're doing so well Pam :)



Ontario Recipes Forum -

on 11/10/11 5:16 am
That is great. Most people struggle with the 2l for much longer than a few days. Good luck.