Hotels Near Toronto East General Hospital

Tammy G.
on 12/19/11 3:34 am - London, Canada
RNY on 01/25/12
 Since I am not familiar with Toronto East General Hospital I was hoping some of you who are either familiar with Toronto or who have had their surgery there might be able to direct me to a hotel close to the hospital.  Clean and good rates are a must!!

Thanks so much



Tracey 112205
on 12/19/11 3:43 am, edited 12/19/11 9:46 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
Have you asked the hospital for a list of nearby hotels that offer hospital rates?  Whenever I go to Toronto, I always ask them for a list then look them up online and read about them on trip advisor.

Here's a list from their website of local accomodations.


Local Hotel Accommodations*: 

Crowne Plaza Hotel

1250 Eglinton Avenue, East, Toronto

(800) 971-4654‎


Days Inn Toronto East Beaches

1684 Queen Street East, Toronto

(416) 694-1177‎


Downtown Hotel Accommodations*: (approximately 10 km in distance from the hospital)


Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel‎

90 Bloor St  E, Toronto, ON M4W 1A7

(416) 961-8000 


Best Western Primrose Hotel Downtown

111 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2G3

(416) 977-8000 

Comfort Hotel Downtown‎

15 Charles St E

Toronto, ON M4Y 1S1

(416) 924-1222 


Local Area Bed & Breakfast Accommodations*: 

Cozy Suites Inn

Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto



Suite Lovat

83 Pickering Street, Toronto

416-691-8033 lovat 


City Nights Bed and Breakfast

11 Trent Avenue, Toronto

(800) 334-9127‎ / (416) 691-4077‎


Bed & Breakfast Accommodators

351 Wolverleigh Boulevard, Toronto

(416) 461-7095‎

Beaches Bed And Breakfast

174 Waverley Road, Toronto

(416) 699-0818‎


Bed & Breakfast Accommodators

(In the Beaches area)



The Beach Villa




Tammy G.
on 12/19/11 3:55 am - London, Canada
RNY on 01/25/12
 Thanks Tracey that is great info, I am also looking for some personal experiences and rates from those who have used the hotels recently.  




Tracey 112205
on 12/19/11 3:58 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
I stayed at the Primrose a few years ago and the rooms were clean enough but still smelled of smoke.  The no smoking policy was still fairly new and as a non smoker I could still really smell it.  It is right across from the old Maple Leaf Gardens and very close to the College St. Subway so good location for that but I'd not be going out at night.  The area just east of there is a tad shady.
Tammy G.
on 12/19/11 4:05 am - London, Canada
RNY on 01/25/12
 Thanks for the heads up, I would have really had a hard time with the smoke as I am a non-smoker and have a difficult time with the smell of it on a regular basis let alone after I've had surgery.  I guess I should really make sure that I inquire about that.  My girlfriend went to school in the College St. area and I remember visiting her there and she wouldn't go out at night either as the area as she put it, was not very safe in her opinion.



on 12/19/11 6:25 am - North Bay, Canada
I stayed at the Days Inn.  It is about 3 kil from hospital.  The hospital rate was about $80.  Plain but clean.  Good luck!
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(deactivated member)
on 12/19/11 9:41 am - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 05/25/12
Check out Trip advisor for reviews..I work at a Comfort Inn in Kingston and since I work the desk I advise being careful using sites like expedia, the small print regarding cancellations and such.

Good Luck!
Heidi S.
on 3/30/12 2:49 am - Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Hi Tammy, I realize this is an old thread but I was wondering where you ended up stay when you went TEGH? I just found out that is where my surgeon is from so I will be having my surgery there. Like you I'm not familiar with Toronto. All my other appointments were with TWH.
I hope everything has gone well with you.
Thank you,

Sometimes you just put one foot in front of the other, even if you don't know where you're going. 

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