Can't wait, so excited, REVISION maybe coming soon...!

on 11/9/12 3:11 pm - Canada

Back in 2007, december, i had the RNY done in Utica,NY.  Great experience, loved it and would do it again or recomend it for others if needed.   I started at 310 and went down to 200.  Over the past 1 1/2 I have slowly put on a few pounds and now weigh 245.  I WANT A REVISION. It looks like i am going to have it done heree in Ottawa,  They sent me a letter to say that i had to attend a manditory information meeting, but because i have already done all these things i just have to meet with a nurse to go over all the other surgeries and the reasons why and what not. I can't wait, I am soooooo excited.  Any words from others who may have had it done?? 

Bonnie ABC
on 11/9/12 3:21 pm - Smiths Falls, Canada
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What did Dr. Graber say at your followups?



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on 11/9/12 3:25 pm - Canada

I did not go to all my post-ops appointment cause of the pass port issues, but my doc here in ottawa follows me.  And my doc say to go ahead and give it a try


on 11/9/12 7:44 pm

Have they determined what the issue is with your current surgery result?  i.e. what is broken with your RNY.  What testing have you had or is it just that your weight has increased?  What steps have you taken with your eating and exercise plan?


Sorry for all the questions!!  Just wondering how things have been so far.  Good luck with the process.



on 11/9/12 9:49 pm

What kind of a revision are you looking at?  Please do a lot of research because revisions can be very complicated and I don't believe I have ever heard of anyone doing them in Ottawa.  Hopefully they will refer you to someone with a lot of experience.  I really don't want to ruin your excitement, but this is a very difficult approval process so I would hate to see you get your hopes too high, then be disappointed.


All the best in your journey!

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on 11/9/12 10:23 pm
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I went through Ottawa as well so welcome. I'm relatively new so curious as to what you can get an RNY revised to?

As others have asked already curious as to how a revision will help. 

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on 11/9/12 11:01 pm - Canada

From what i understand, they can go in and touch up  the pouch. I dont go in until the 11 of december so I will be doing alot of research on it.



on 11/10/12 1:19 am - Brampton, Canada

I'm in the process of trying to get a revision but for different reasons. There is an entire section on this site about it. They can do a revision on the existing pouch, switch it from a RnY to a DS. The list goes on. 

Good luck

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on 11/10/12 1:35 am - Canada

I am looking to tighten thing up a bit.  I don't really want a whole new surgery.

But i am doing some research on all that stuff so that when i go into the doctors I will know what i am talking

 about and not look like a total idiot.


Karen M.
on 11/10/12 3:19 am - Mississauga, Canada

A revision to what?  They don't do that in Ottawa.  Best wishes.



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