Were does surgical consult fall......

on 11/13/12 3:56 am - Canada

Were does surgical consult fall with all the other classes that need to be taken and at what point do you get opti-fast?


on 11/13/12 4:03 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 11/06/12
It's all different. Orientation then sometime after that you will get but not in order first dr appointment sw rn and nut once all have evaluated you and are poked for surgery then either you meet with the internal it's some do some don't then the surgeon again and pick up optifast . No order as I said before

 Orientation: July 23 2012       Dr Sullivan : August 16, 2012 Dietician, SW, RN, Sept 26, 2012    Dr Sullivan Oct 17, 2012 and pick up Optifast   PATTS: October 24, 2012         Surgery: November 6, 2012. Starting weight 277 surgery weight 268




on 11/13/12 4:07 am - Canada

I have skipped alot of the orrientation and classes only cause i am having a revision done.  i go in dec. for surgical consult. 


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on 11/13/12 4:10 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

I'm surprised they are not making you go through the whole process as all other revisions had to. As to when you see the surgeon, depends on the centre.  At Humber they meet with the surgeon twice.  At other centres like TWH, you meet the surgeon just before surgery.

on 11/13/12 9:41 am

I am in Ottawa and my surgical consult was the last thing I did. I got my optifast that same day and my date two weeks later. Good luck

on 11/14/12 12:13 am - Canada

I am in Ottawa as well and I know that because i am having a revision done, they treat it as a individual bases.  It is going to be very interesting. Thanxs