I thought that i was going to die....

on 1/31/13 10:31 am - Canada

when i first tasted the contrast stuff i had to drink for my CT scan(for revision****il this amazing and wonderfull nurse gave me a crystal light to put in the mix. Man, if it were not for her i think i would have peuked...

My advise; if any one ever has to get a contrast cat scan done by mouth, BRING CRYSTAL LIGHT WITH YOU. thanxs to that wonderful nurse. luv you.

Sylvie G.
on 1/31/13 11:03 am - Monroeville, IN
RNY on 04/16/13

I am meeting with the doctor next week about a revision.  I've been wondering what sort of tests I might need to have in order to determine my suitability.  Yuck, I hope not this one!

on 1/31/13 11:32 am - Canada

The only tests so far that i have had done is a whole lot of blood work and IV contrast and oral contrast(witch are done at the same time)  But i am telling you know, if you have to have an oral contrast done bring crystal light or you wont get threw the test. That is some nasty s**t that they make you drink


on 1/31/13 1:13 pm - Canada
VSG on 10/21/13
Yup. It's so gross. I have CT scan's every 3 months. It never gets easier.


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on 1/31/13 1:59 pm - Canada

OHHHH MANNNNN you poor thing. What do you mix it with, if anything? I think the world would be over if i had to do it every 3 months.


on 1/31/13 10:35 pm - Arnprior, Canada

I had one which found a hernia, and it was awful.  I found out after I could have added crystal light.  My suggestion, use Raspberry, I find it has a strong taste, which might cover the gawd awful taste better.