What questions would you ask?

on 8/23/13 5:44 am

Hi everyone I have my appointment on Monday with the RD,RN,SW.  What questions did you ask?  Is there some important questions I need to ask?  I have done a ton of info printed off and highlighted.....stuff I though is important that I may need to go back to.....this way I don't have to search all the websites to find them.  Thanks for your input. 

on 8/23/13 6:21 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 11/19/13

The only thing I remember asking about at my first appointments was about my low thyroid... if surgery/losing weight fix it (she said no).  Mostly I just listened and answered questions... alot of info gets thrown at you so quickly at these sessions. I wish I would had asked more about medications and the absorption of them.

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on 8/23/13 7:00 am

Yes I figured  they will be giving me lots of info.....I will ask about the medication absorption,  thanks for the tip.

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