Endometriosis adhesions - will this affect my ability to have...

on 10/23/13 9:38 am - Canada

Not sure if anyone can answer this, but I had multiple surgeries in the 1990's for endometriosis and I know that I have scar tissue in the abdomen.  I'm wondering if this might affect my ability to have WLS and could result in me being rejected.

Has anybody dealt with this or something similar?  I finally got my ID# and I'm so excited to move forward with this process (I've been thinking about this forever and it really took alot for me to even address this with my doctor)



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on 10/23/13 10:45 am - Mississauga, Canada
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Hello Pamela,

I am having the same problem, I had surgery on my pancreas when I was 8 and have a scar that goes completely across my stomach, and they were concerned about scar tissue so I had to have a CT scan.  Well the results we less than conclusive, the surgeon is at this time still willing to continue, he feels okay about going forward - I have my last 2 appointments next Wednesday with the nutritionist and psychologist - he says it is up to me if I want to finish this process because my surgery will be a lot more risky.  They could go in and everything is good to go, or they could start and not be able to proceed, or they could end up puncturing a bowel, the ct scan didn't show everything clear enough.  Dr. Urbach also says that when my file goes in for review if another surgeon gets it they may decide they don't like the risk - he says even doctors have different opinions.

I am going to see my family doctor tomorrow to discuss everything with him and  see what he says - I am so confused at this time.

**Every person's case is different the surgeon says, so hopefully yours will be good, they will probably have you do a ct scan to help them see what is there.

Good luck, look forward to a new life journey, don't let mine or anyone else's story affect your attitude, take life day to day and always think positive.  :)

on 10/23/13 10:58 am - Canada

Thanks for sharing!  I do recall when you originally posted and I was wondering what the results were.  Hopefully, your surgeon has a lot of experience and will be comfortable dealing with any possible issue that might come up.  Best of luck at your next appointments!


Referral Sept/13, changed centres to HRRH - Orientation Mar 24/14.  Feb 5, 2015 - SURGERY!!!! HW 286.4 SW 264


on 10/23/13 6:09 pm - Kinburn, Canada
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Hi, Because of adhesions they could not do the RNY, I was sleeved instead.


on 10/24/13 12:18 am

I had 4 previous surgeries and Dr Hagan god bless him was able to do the RNY... Good luck...Krista...

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on 10/24/13 4:20 pm - Canada
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I had 2 operations for endometriosis and had adhesions and endo everywhere throughout my pelvis and abdomen but I had laparoscopic surgery successfully.   Good luck!

Jenn.  :)

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