Gall bladder pain..... Is this it?

on 9/6/14 7:12 am - North York, Canada

Hi everyone, 


i am 4 weeks (on Monday coming) post op for the sleeve. Majority of my pain has been on my right side as that is where my stomach came out. However for the past few days I have had an annoying pain on my left side, that seems to radiate towards my belly button at times. Does this sound le the beginnings of gallbladder issues? Or any other suggestions / feedback would be appreciated. 

Thanks !!


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Robyn R.
on 9/6/14 9:53 am - Bowmanville, Canada

Gall bladder pain usually is on the right upper abdomen, which radiates to in between your shoulder blades. There is lots of heartburn, nausea & gas usually with it. When you have an attack  (pray you don't). You think you are having the worst heart attack ever. Crushing pain. 

That was my experience. Pls remember you had big surgery and things get moved around when they are working in there. It takes a bit for things to go back where they belong

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on 9/7/14 12:24 am - North York, Canada

Thanks Robyn, 

i am sure you are right. I have been tryin to be more active this week so maybe I just overdid it an strained something. I appreciate your reply :)

on 9/6/14 1:43 pm - Peterborough, Canada
VSG on 08/19/14

I had my gallbladder out like 5 years before I had my sleeve, but I remember the pain of the attacks like it was yesterday.  Simply put, I thought I was having a heart attack.  Mine was always right in the middle of my chest and it hurt so bad I couldn't breath.

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on 9/7/14 12:28 am - North York, Canada

Thanks Mazey_x, 


the he pain I am feeling is definately not that. It is an annoying pain with a pulling sensation at times. I will keep an eye on it.

on 9/6/14 5:46 pm, edited 9/6/14 5:46 pm - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 08/11/14

Had mine out 3 yrs ago and the pain was also in the middle of the chest. I wanted to rip it out so bad...lots of pressure and so much pain I vomited almost each time I had an attack. I'm 4 weeks post op and still I get discomfort in my sides. And yes it shifts from one side to the other. My insides are having a party in there. Take care!

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on 9/7/14 12:30 am - North York, Canada


I guess we weren't invited to the parties out tummies are holding!! Lol

Seems ok this morning but I will see as the day goes on. 

Thanks for your reply :)

on 9/6/14 6:10 pm - Canada

Anything like this that you can't explain is worth a call to your doctor or your clinic ASAP .  They will put your mind at ease or give you the help you need.  Don't delay - it isn't worth they worry.  Hope you are just fine!

on 9/7/14 12:33 am - North York, Canada

Girl halved, 

Thanks for your reply. My doctor have me certain criteria to go I to emergency. (Severe pains, uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting among others) but a call is certainly fine. I will keep an eye on it today and if it remains, I will call tomorrow. Seems ok so far this morning :) 

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