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I havnt been on the boards in quite a while. I'm 5 years out from roux en y. Had it done in Guelph. AUGUST 2012. I have been plagued my problems since I literally left the hospital property. None of which I caused myself. I have had in September a laparotomy and another gastroscope it's like my 10th under a general to see structure and see if there is any hernia etc that could be repiared. I have had a constant ulcer in my pouch since dc. I smoke nothing vape nothing no braids caffeine free lots of water. Doing all the right things. My hemoglobin dropped 40 points in one month from bleeding ulcers in my pouch and the the the adtamosis site where the roux en y was originally done. I live on prevacid tums sulcrate all day long. Next week I'm Guelph to discuss having my roux en y "removed and redone or going to Hamilton for a duodenal switch. Any vets have any input??? Anyone had a revision done before?

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RNY on 06/02/17

try cross-posting this in

the revision forum

and the duodenal Switch forum

you may get more answers there. Good luck to you, I hope that you are able to find some relief.

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RNY on 09/01/17

I don't have experience. I just want to say I hope the surgeons figure it out soon and I hope you are well soon.

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I'm so sorry you had such a rough time, and hope that the surgeons will be able to fix the problem with the next surgery.

I don't know anything about duodenal switches or revisions; sorry.

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RNY on 07/10/12

I didn?t have an ulcer but no prescription meds worked for my heartburn that started about 1.5 years post op (I?m 5+ years now) and was up to 20-25 Tums at night in order to get broken sleep with the pain. I refused to take them during the day unless I absolutely had to. I?ve had numerous scopes and all my vitamins/levels are low. During my last scope they noted a candy cane/roux limb issue but nothing was told to me or mentioned again until I pushed to see a surgeon. Reversal was an option if necessary. They did a CT scan and while waiting for a follow up for the results I started to research this candy cane syndrome. Every symptom fit me to a T. The surgeon told me everything looked fine on the CT and I pretty much broke down as I thought I finally had the answer to my pain (honestly, I?ve never felt well since surgery and have regretted every day that I had this surgery). When I told him about how all my symptoms matched he consulted with another surgeon and they fit me in for exploratory surgery in December a week later. I woke to find out they removed 20cm of intestine (the candy cane) and closed the Peterson Defect which have both been incorporated into today?s surgical techniques. I'm still in the puréed phase of food and so far so good heartburn wise. I get the odd sensation but it only lasts 5 mins and passes. I?m back on a prescription medication for it. I see an internist this month to hopefully figure out why I don?t seem to be absorbing any supplements (even the iron infusions don?t do much). If they hadn?t fixed the problem or it returns I will push for a reversal. Just adding to my current patchwork of scars (14 and counting). Don?t give up and hope you find some relief.


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