Diet fatigue

on 9/2/18 5:24 pm

got sleeved march 22/18 and doing quite well . I've lost 60 pounds but I'm finding my eye wandering to sweets and carbs. Weight loss has really stalled the last month and I'm gaining myself having a piece of toast and peanut butter three or four times a week and craving sweets. I think I've gained two pounds and I want to stay on track. I have another 30 pounds to lose to reach goal, but I'm craving "normal" food like corn and beans. And cake. I baked a cake for company last week and have been eating a piece a day instead of throwing it away. I'm feeling deprived. I'm not sure how to get over that.

im also feeling stressed as I prepare for concert rehearsals and feel quite unprepared.


on 9/2/18 9:21 pm

Hi, I can suggest calling your clinic and making an appointment with both the dietitian and the social worker to discuss your issues.

When you had your weight loss surgery, it was to help in aiding you to loose weight. Unfortunately it did nothing to help you with craving etc. Also you are doing amazing with your weight loss, but if you keep on the road you have started to go down, you will for sure start gaining again.

Please go make an appointment to see the dietitian and your social worker to help you. Don't be ashamed, or embarrassed to ask them for help. That is what they are there for.

Good Luck!!

on 9/3/18 4:04 am
RNY on 01/16/18

Congratulations on your success so far. You are doing amazing. Also congratulations on recognizing an issue and reaching out for help.

We are all at risk of experiencing what you are currently dealing with and I have found that I too find myself craving certain "things" that make me full "normal".

I think one of the key thoughts here is that you have "diet" fatigue. We really aren't on diets anymore. This is a new way of eating for the rest of our lives and sometimes we have to figure out how to come to terms with that. Reaching out to your clinic is most likely your first stop. I know that there is a program called Craving Change which is available through OHIP. Google it. I am beginning a six week session sometime in September. You may find this of some help to you.

The other thing is that if you like to bake and treat yourself from time to time then explore sugar free baking. I've been making the best brownies that are healthy, sugar free, low carb and they hit the spot. Some keto recipes are also good for us.

Go back to basics. Keep yourself full. Dense protein, meal prep, have food ready eat, have snacks scheduled. You can do this. Take control. You've been doing great.

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on 9/3/18 6:24 pm

Pauline you have identified the problem (carb creep leads to more carb cravings). Back to basics is my best advice. Measure, log, get your head back in the game. I have been around here too long and have read too many post of "help I've regained 50 plus pounds". Set a limit of variance. Some people say if they gain 5 pounds they go into crackdown mode, and those are the people in maintenance.

Join us on the What Are You Eating thread to get your head back in the game and be accountable to yourself. Stop thinking of yourself being deprived of "normal" food. You have gone through a lot to make your body healthier. You are still in your honeymoon phase and you don't want to waste 1 minute of that. You are absolutely worth better choices. Cake is for when you reach goal and only very occasionally. Tomorrow is a new day full of much healthier choices. Plan you meals and snacks tonight. Prepare your food that you need to take with you tomorrow. You've got this girl.

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on 9/13/18 6:19 am
RNY on 09/12/17

Hi Pauline,

Sorry for the late reply, just reading this now. I have been away from the board for awhile.

I hear you. As we get further away from our surgery date, things get a bit tougher, but stick with the plan and make the decision to stick with it. Making the decision and being true to yourself is the key. We have all the tools we need. We've had the surgery so our stomachs are smaller, we know to eat protein first, we know to drink lots of water, we know to take our vitamins. Yes, there are cravings and they are so real, but if you eat your protein first, it's really hard to fit anything else in without it hurting. I don't mean to sound so "preachy" forgive me...but I say all of this mostly to myself too because I have been where you are. I found that when I needed something sweet I would eat dates...they help!

Make the decision. You are worth it. You can do it.


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