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VSG on 03/21/19

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I was prescribed SlimTime and honestly enjoyed the taste of the chocolate. The vanilla tasted gross so I diluted it and drank it quickly with a straw.

(1 envelope + 300ml cold water shaken well, then add 6 ice cubes). I would allow the ice to mostly melt before consuming.

Good luck to you.

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There are lots of options to try to make them taste a bit better. I used a shaker cup with a spout so I couldn't smell it as much. I also used lots of water and ice. I did 50/50 chocolate and vanilla. I didn't mind the chocolate plain and I added SF red raspberry Torani syrup to the vanilla -- I thought it made it taste like a viva puff cookie lol. If you search the site for "opti recipes" there should be lots of ideas. Some people recommended using flavour extracts. I found out the hard way that I didn't like them -- made a whole shake with added coconut extract. It was gross. So I suggest making small batches to try different flavour combinations.

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VSG on 06/17/19

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I am in the middle of my liquid diet stage but I am not on opti - my program uses Iso-flex which you mix with milk and it's not bad. I do add sugar free water flavourings to it though. Dasani cherry pomegranate to the chocolate to make a chocolate cherry. I add the walmart brand orange tangerine sugar free water drops to the vanilla to make a creamsicle type flavour, I also add it to the chocolate for a chocolate orange type flavour. The crystal light pink lemonade and lemon lime crystals both go well with vanilla. I put them all in a blender with ice to make it super cold and almost slurpee like. With mine I can also make a type of ice cream since it is made with milk (not sure if this would work if yours isn't made with milk). I make the shake and then pour it into a bowl and stick it in the freezer. I stir every 20 minutes for about an hour or a little more (if you don't stir it just freezes solid) and it's sort of ice cream type texture. If that doesn't work maybe try freezing into a popsicle?

Good luck - this will be over before you know it!

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