DS in 2007

on 10/31/19 12:55 pm

Hi All,

It's been a very long time since I have been on the forums. I am hoping there are some of my old peeps hanging out.

I had duodenal switch in 2007 with Dr. L in Michigan.

I have come back to the boards for support and getting back on track. I have experienced some weight gain and want to get back on track.

Sandra formerly from Belleville, Ontario. 2007 DS with Dr. L

Diminishing Dawn
on 11/1/19 5:36 pm - Windsor, Canada

hi sandra

not too many of the old folks are around and I don't really see the Dsers here anymore. Don't forget to try the DS boards and the Ontario fb groups.

take care.

13+years post op RNY. first year blog here or My LongTimer blog. Tummy Tuck Dr. Matic 2014 -Ohip funded panni Windsor WLS support group.message me anytime!
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on 1/24/20 2:40 pm - Etobicoke, Canada

I'm an "old folk" who just came back to this board. I had a RNY gastric bypass in 2005 with Dr O'Malley in Rochester NY. I'm back because now my gastric bypass is failing. I went on a diet of my own for a couple of years and lost a lot of the regain, but the diet was lacking in some vitamins and I ended up in the hospital getting IV iron and B12. I tried a lap band but it made no difference, all I lost was a pile of money. I had it removed this past New Years' Eve.

Now I need a Duodenal Switch but I'm having the usual hard time getting connected with a doctor who can do the procedure in Ontario. At least they've added a lot of hospitals and doctors doing bariatrics since I had my op done in the US. Currently I've been referred to a hospital that doesn't do the DS, so I'm anticipating yet another battle royale with health bureaucrats to get sent to the right hospital and doctor.

I'm also looking for some support and inspiration. I'd like to lose some weight on my own without ending up back in the hospital, and I'd like to find out if there's any way I can expedite the DS without wasting months and months going to appointments at the wrong hospital.

on 2/6/20 1:21 pm - Hamilton, Canada

I'm going thru St. Joe's Hamilton for an RYN to Sleeve (and eventual DS). My surgeon is Dr. Hong, whom I believe is the only one in Ontario that does the revision and DS. Try asking for a switch to St. Joe's if it's within your travel abilities.


Former RNY patient revising to Sleeve then DS.
Appts: Dietitian - January 21/19; July 16/19, August 13/19, September 17/19, October 15/19; Social Worker: August 23/19; DS Orientation: March 20/19; Internist: September 30/19; Surgeon: November 13/19 (signed consent).
Surgery Date: February 28/20.


on 6/12/20 5:32 pm
Revision on 10/22/19

Hello Sandra,

I hope you're well. Could you please share the name of your DS doctor in Michigan please. I need to talk to a DS expert as I am having malabsorptions issues with my DS surgery and needed a doctor to talk to.

I will appreciate a response

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