Hello. I'm new here.

on 12/21/19 12:09 pm

Hello my name is Eva and I'm morbidly obese.

I'm just starting the process and have booked an appointment with my family doctor for a referral. We have talked about WLS in the past and he was more on the nay side of things, suggesting fasting diets and other hard to follow changes as opposed to going the surgical route.

I'd like some tips on how to sway him to the WLS surgery side and get him to do the referral.

Also, has anyone gone to Guelph Centre for Bariatric Excellence? Any tips on how long the process takes?

Thank you!

Diminishing Dawn
on 12/21/19 9:32 pm - Windsor, Canada

It's not his job to make the determination that you are an appropriate candidate for surgery - that's the bariatric centres job. You could bring articles like Dr. Sharma's article on bariatric surgery "why I support bariatric surgery" easily google-able. He's one of Canada's leading experts. Ultimately his job is to make the referral.

BUT since of course he will be involved in follow ups, he needs to be on board. If he isn't then I would seek a new doctor quite honestly. You need someone willing to educate themselves about surgery as well.

check out your local support groups as the members will often know which doctors are bariatric friendly.

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on 12/24/19 5:20 am

I would insist on a referral to Dr. Wharton - really super clinic that deals with obeisty and obeisty-related issues - they will work with you and it was through them I was referred to Toronto Western for surgery - they are really really nice, understanding, helpful and informative. He has four locations including one in Burlington, Stoney Creek, St. Catharines and Toronto.


on 1/26/20 11:19 am

Thanks Dawn!

I have my appointment with my family doctor tomorrow and I am armed with that article, and directions on how to refer to the Ontario obesity network. I'll update after my appointment!


on 12/27/19 1:47 pm

Hi Eva,

I'm going through the process at Guelph right now. It's a long and very well thought out process before you get approved. Your doctor should be willing to do the referral and let the clinic do the figuring out what's right for you.


on 1/26/20 11:16 am

Thank you Red!

I have an appointment with my family doctor tomorrow and I have a plan. It's just a referral. He doesn't need to make the decision if I need it or not. Just like being sent to any specialist.

I'll post again after the appointment!


on 2/3/20 12:46 pm

Well my worries were unfounded and my doctor put it through right away!

How long until you heard from the BCoE?

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