How much healing time do I need after a tummy tuck?

on 11/16/11 2:57 pm
I'm thinking about having a tummy tuck in December.

But I can only get two weeks off from work. And I would be leaving California and I would have it done in the Philippines.

Is two weeks enough time to recover and then to make the long flight back to California?
on 11/16/11 6:32 pm - Ardmore, OK
I went back to work at 2 1/2 weeks...Could have been 2, but had to wait for dr's appointment to get released.  The only thing I will warn you about is you may have some drains in.  I wore leggings and a larger size sweater dress to hide them. 

I don't know about flying after surgery or any sort of travel.  I would advise to ask your doctor.  If you do travel, I would also recommend getting up and walking ever so often to avoid blood clots.

Good Luck!
on 11/16/11 8:30 pm
i actually took 4 weeks off but could have gone back after 2 but i sit at a desk all day.  one consideration should be what type of work you do.  i was told not to lift anything over just a few pounds for several weeks....i couldn't sweep/mop/vacuum for 6 weeks (no problem in complying with that one!)  i could power walk at 5 weeks and could start running again at 6 weeks post op.

as far as flying/traveling.....can't help you on that one!

best wishes for your surgery!!
Blessings,  J
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on 11/16/11 10:55 pm
I had Fleur de lis with muscle tightening in August.
Was driving post-op day 10.
Back to work at 3 1/2 weeks.
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Kristie S.
on 11/16/11 11:22 pm
I took 2 weeks off and I felt I could have returned at least part time after a week and half.  I didn't because I was working from home the whole time and actually even hours after my surgery my assitant was texting me!  I kinda liked being off with no one in the house so I took advantage what I had already submitted for leave!
on 11/17/11 12:35 am
Ok, thanks guys!

I have a desk job. But it sounds like two weeks might be cutting it a bit short. Especially since I need to do that big flight back home too.
on 11/17/11 1:42 am - Auburn, CA
I was back at work (desk job) 12 days post op. And I had a rough 1st week of recovery. I do not remember anything other than pain for the first week and I am not someone who has a low pain tolerance.
As far as flying, my best  friend came out from Utah to take care of me and left after 8 days. My teenage daughter was causing A LOT of drama during my recovery so my best friend asked my surgeon if I could fly to Utah with her. He wrote a note to the airline and said it was fine with him. I was 5 days post op. I ended up staying home and did ok.
I think that you could probably do it, but you will still be sore at 2 weeks. hell, I am 5 weeks out and I am still sore. Good Luck and let us know what you decide to do!
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on 11/18/11 6:26 am
I would say no, there is a risk of blood clots after a major surgery like that ( I should know) and a long plane flight like that you could be setting yourself up failure. Not trying to be a negative nancy but I got blood clots 15 days out almost took me out for good. I had drains in for 6 weeks  then went back to work slowly next couple of weeks. Better to error on side of caution my friend.

Good luck,
Lee ~
on 11/18/11 9:57 am - CA
I am having body work on 12/9 and then a facelift on 12/12.  I'll be flying home from Mexico on 12/21.   My flights will be 1.5 hours followed by 5 hours for the second flight.  Not very long and I should be able to walk around on the plane.

I've been to Thailand a few times.  I went through the Phillippines and remember that the flights were incredibly long.  I'd really think hard about what Bubba is saying.  I'm concerned about blood clots on these two relatively short flights from Mexico to San Francisco.

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on 11/19/11 8:48 am
If you have a desk job then 2 weeks is enough time. I was back to work after 2 weeks in a desk job. Just take it easy, follow all of your doctor's instructions and don't over do it. Go for it, its a tough decision but the results will be worth it. Good luck.


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