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on 2/12/12 9:31 am, edited 2/11/12 9:32 pm
Ok I had vgs in April 11, I have lost 85lbs so far and have another 10-15 to go to my goal. I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon on the 28th of this month for a breast reduction/lift and a tummy tuck. I have gone from a 48G to a 38F. My husband is not really on board with the reduction (what man really is), but he will support me.
My question is for women who have had reduction or lift.
1. How painful is it?
2. Do you like the look of your new breast?
3. Do you still have feeling in your nipples (very important)?
4. How long was your recovery?
5. How long did you wait till after surgery to have PS?

Thanks to anyone who answers.


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Lee ~
on 2/12/12 12:43 pm - CA
 I went from a 42ddd to a 34ddd and needed aloft and wanted a reduction.  I'm single so nobody to object.  I asked for a Full C cup so I think I'm a 34C now. YAY

Ok honestly
1- big owe for me.  I'm two months out and the under incisions still hurt me. I'm wearing a sport bra to sleep in because my breasts are still tender.

2-  I am so ridiculously in love with my own breasts.  I hated tucking them into my pants so having them point straight forward just amazes me.  :)

3- my right nipple has been back for a couple weeks.  Now at two months the sensation in my left nipple is coming back.  

4- it's an ongoing recovery.  Better each day.

5- I will be two years out from sleeve surgery next week.  I was within five pounds of my surgery weight for 4-5 months.  

Good luck!

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on 2/12/12 9:46 pm
I had a BL, 1/19/12

1. How painful is it? Pain hasn't been an issue for me. The first two weeks itching was a problem, but that has stopped. I have a sore spot under each breast where the lift is anchored. These can get uncomfortable depending on my bra/sports bra.

2. Do you like the look of your new breast? I love their new location! I have to say the jury is still out regarding the scars. I need to heal more.

3. Do you still have feeling in your nipples (very important)? Yes, I have feeling in my nipples. They are probably more sensative than before BL.

4. How long was your recovery? I'm 3+ weeks out and still healing. I can lay on my belly without any breast pain.

5. How long did you wait till after surgery to have PS? I waited until I was at a stable weight for 9 months.

on 2/13/12 4:20 am - Honolulu, HI
Everyone is different but I really didn't have much pain from the lift - maybe because I had my thighs done at the same time and that's what was uncomfortable.

I love my new breasts.  After the weight loss they looked like two deflated ballons and hung pretty close to my belly button.  Today they are nice and perky (not as perky as after the surgery when they were swollen).  I just had a lift.  I was a 36 E before and i'm still a 36E.  Now I put my bra on and I'm ready to go where before it took 5 minutes to arrange myself in a bra.

I never lost feeling in my nipples (even with a lift they are relocated).

The drains were removed after a week and I went back to wearing underwire bras in four weeks.  If I'd just had the breast lift I'm sure I could have gone back to work in two weeks.

My first PS was 18 months after my RNY (arms).

I thought alot about having my breast done because I was almost 60 and thought why now but I'm so glad I did.
Michelle E.
on 2/13/12 10:53 am
What Plastic surgeon are you having a consult with? I see you have Taller.. I had Tanaka..

I had a reduction/life with implants.. its not the same.. your DH will have to be hands off for a while..I am only 7 weeks out from PS..

on 2/13/12 11:27 am - MN
1. How painful is it?  I had a 3/4 belt lift, bl/ba and some lipo on my legs....I still think the lipo was the most painful.  Meds definitely help.  i will tell you haven't been able to sleep in my bed yet, but that is a combination of the tummy tuck and the bl/ba...luckily I have a very comfy recliner.  I would say that the pain that I had has not been from the incisions, it has more been from the pressure of my implants and them being under the muscle, but if you aren't getting implants your recovery may differ.
2. Do you like the look of your new breast? Not yet, but I am only three weeks out.  I feel like they look a little square, but hopefully everything will work out.  I think alot of times we see these before and after pictures and then we are disappointed with the initial results....but there is a reason why your doctor doesn't take your after picture until 6 months after I am still crossing my fingers.   I will admit that I sometimes have to remind myself where I started so I don't get bummed about them not looking perfect.
3. Do you still have feeling in your nipples (very important)?  A little, but they are still healing
4. How long was your recovery?  I went back to work 12 days post op, I probably would have gone back sooner if I just had my breasts done. 
5. How long did you wait till after surgery to have PS?  12months and 1 week.  I am still overweight, but decided several months ago that I didn't want my skin issues to get any worse because i don't want to get my arms, neck or legs to get any worse.  If I lose weight thats fine, but I stopped trying to lose weight.

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