took a nasty fall flat on my tummy 6 weeks after TT

Debra Welker
on 6/11/12 3:48 am - Kaukauna, WI
We were at our cottage over the weekend and the neighbors invited us over for a cookout. They have two huge yellow labadors they came up behind me and knocked me to the ground. I tried catching myself but ended up flat on my stomach elbows and chin. It will be 6 weeks tomarrow that I had my TT, all I could think of was getting up and seeing blood on my shirt. Fortunetly nothing came open but I have 2 nice bruises on my incision, I called in this morning and they said as long as its not open and doesnt hurt bad I should be OK, and to keep moist heat on which I am anyway for the fluid  Im still carring around. I was so worried abount internal injuries but she said its probably just bruised, thanks GOD. Deb
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on 6/11/12 4:05 am - CA
Glad to hear you're okay!! It's like you need a force field around you after surgery! LOL!
on 6/11/12 9:27 am
How scary for you.  Glad you just have bruises, they should heal fairly quickly. 

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on 6/11/12 9:50 am - Senatobia, MS
So sorry for your injuries.  It would scare me to death if I fell right now.  I hope everything is okay for you.


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Debra Welker
on 6/11/12 10:27 am - Kaukauna, WI
Thanks I really appreciate all the concern, I still cant belive that happened to me. I felt my stomach hit the ground and OH my god I was scared.Deb
on 6/11/12 2:39 pm - AL worst fear right now! I have two Giant Schnauzers, and they can get pretty crazy at times. I kept my male put up all day today, just because I had to leave the house and I was afraid he might run up behind me and "paw" me. He's well-trained, but bad about wanting to "touch" everything with his paw. He's also afraid of bad weather, and the weather has been awful all weekend (my TT was on Thursday). 

I hope you are only bruised, but thanks for the reminder that I have good reason to be cautious around the Giants until I'm well-healed. Feel better soon.
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