Open wound

on 12/4/12 8:36 am

Ok I had panni surgery on 11/12 and had 2 drains. I had the second drain removed about 2 weeks ago. This hole will not close up and still has stuff coming out. Now the other side looks like it's starting to "tear" and is really red and painful. Has anyone else had this happen. I am so tired of feeling tired, weight loss surgery was a breeze compaired to this surgery. 


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Brooke F.
on 12/4/12 8:39 am - CA
I had that happen with one of my drain sites. I was instructed by my PS to put a warm compress on it 3 times a day....after about the 3rd day it was flat again and all closed up.
on 12/4/12 2:44 pm

I suggest calling your surgeon. Openings can become infected and then you have further problems. It is best to get his treatment plan.

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