've had cheesy mashed cauliflower before but have you had...

on 3/24/11 7:05 am, edited 3/24/11 7:06 am - Baltimore, MD
FOUR CHEESE mashed cauliflower???? Yes...ok...well ACT excited, k?

Folks sometimes ask me, "do your kids REALLY eat this stuff or are you pulling our chain?" Let me offer up this. Exhibit A: Four cheese mashed cauliflower hot out of the oven:

Exhibit B: Four cheese mashed cauliflower 5 minutes later (before I had even gotten a portion)

Case closed. Actually not. I have a complaint. The one portion I did get was the ONLY one I got! No fair!

I eat this instead of mac 'n cheese. My pouch has a burning hatred of noodles (thankfully). Check out the recipe on Bariatric Foodie!

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on 3/24/11 8:03 am

Ohh that looks YUMMY!

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Amy T.
on 3/24/11 8:19 am - CA
I make a version of this at home too.  Have been for years instead of mashed potatoes.  My kids actually prefer them to potatoes!  

Thanks for sharing your recipe!
(deactivated member)
on 3/24/11 4:54 pm - San Diego, CA
Omg YUM this looks amazeballs!  I'm making it Saturday for sure.  Thanks girly!