having a bad day emotionally

on 4/7/11 8:24 am - CA
So, I've done really well so far. I cant complain, but here I go anyway :)
So, I was pretty excited the first week watching the weight magically melt away as I layed on the couch most of the day. Then in the 3rd week hit a stall, but what did I care? I had already lost 28 lbs. now at the end of the 5th week I have lost 33 lbs. Correct me if I'm wrong but that is awesome right? 33 lbs in 5 weeks is freakin amazing! So why do I feel so frustrated? I've never doubted my decision to have this surgery. Also, I have had a pretty good go of it except this horrible fatigue I battle every day but I'm pretty sure the hormonal fluxuation ya'll talk about ha**** I yelled at my son this morning, yes he was being a **** but I went off with all pistons firing, not really a proportional response. Then proceeded to sit on the sofa and cry. My husband asked me why I was crying and then was frustrated when I told him I dont know. Why dont men understand sometimes we just need a good cry? I guess I just needed to get this out. I love that I feel so safe venting to you guys. Thanks for being here!
on 4/7/11 8:41 am
I feel ya I am so happy with my weight loss and happy I did the surgery and dont regret it at all But I have been so moody lately very short tempered cry sometimes for no reason yell at my kids when only the spill something or whatever that really doesnt matter but it sure matters to me for some reason when I go to the dc for my 3 month appt I am going to mention this maybe I need some meds chill pills
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Lady Lithia
on 4/7/11 8:43 am
I hit 33 lbs at two months, and I had more to lose than you...so you're doing great.

Hang in there.... it gets easier!

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on 4/7/11 8:46 am
Sounds about right to me... The hormones are crazy and no matter how often you read about it here, when it actually happens to you, you find yourself sitting there crying all the while wondering, "why is this bothering me so much??" Thankfully, this is not permanent, it will pass! It's normal too!! We all go through it!

So, give it some time! If it doesn't go away in a couple weeks, talk to the dr, but it will probably hit the road just as fast as it landed on your doorstep!! :D

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on 4/7/11 10:05 am
I hear you girl.  I have four little ones at home.  That time after surgery is an absolute tornado!  Cut yourself a break.  It's very understandable to be fragile at this time.  Things are going to get better and more stable, just hold on. 
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