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on 4/29/11 7:03 am - CA
So, about a week and a half ago I hit 228 and felt awesome! Then the next day I weighed and it said 234, heart hit the floor! I had weighed every day since and could not get the number to budge from 233. Worse was I didnt feel like I was loosing weight anymore so those old feelings of feeling fat started sneaking up on me again, not to mention the feeling of failure slowly creeping back around thee edges. Then last night I was sharing with my husband how frustrated I was to hit yet another stall at barely 2 months out and he told me he was at a stall too (he is also post op) and so I said where are you at? he said 233. Well I just started laughing and he asked what was so funny so I told him I had been at 233 for a little over a week. Turns out the scale is stuck (didnt know digital scales did that) I went to my mother in laws this afternoon and weighed in on her scale and it said 218!!! Needless to say I am thrilled and ammused that I convinced myself that I felt heavier just because the scale didnt move!
on 4/29/11 7:21 am
Awww!!! So glad you figured that one out!  How frusterating!
(deactivated member)
on 4/29/11 7:23 am - Santa Cruz, CA
Just another reason why I no longer have a scale in my house.  There's no way that some stupid little number on a machine should have that much power over you.

I know it's great to see the losses, but you also showed how detrimental it can be to think that there is no change.

Save your weigh-ins for the doctor's office, or only weigh once per week.

Congratulations on your and your husband's successes!
Mindy C.
on 4/29/11 10:00 am
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