on 4/29/11 8:37 am - Rochester, NY
Ok, so I clearly think I'm getting shingles, I've had enough close people around me get them to know what they say they feel soon as the rash shows up off to AfterHours or the ER I go!  However, can we take the meds?  I know no NSAIDS, but what about other meds to stay away from?
Carla M.
on 4/29/11 10:10 am
RNY on 02/21/11 with
There are meds you can take.My mother has had the RNY AND had shingles 3 times. If possible, get the vaccination shot to prevent them from coming back. Some doctors will give it at the beginning of an onslaught, but others wait until you are completely clear of them first. Hope you feel better soon! I've had them and they SUCK!!! Sorry about that, but it is itchy, painful, scarring, yuckiness.
on 4/29/11 10:12 am - Rochester, NY
Thanks!  I'm praying that it's not what it is but there's one bump so far... And pain like I've never had before!  Sheez--RNY was a piece of cake compared to this! 
on 4/29/11 12:43 pm
RNY on 02/28/11 with
Shingles are sucky i had them not to long ago...My suggesstion if this is what you think it is do not wait to make an appt to get checked out! more than 48 hours after the first symptoms and the meds they can give you wont help and My dr at least wouldnt give it to me! I ended up not taking anything at all for them...tylonol didnt help me any and noone would give me anything else! Good luck i really hope for your sake thats not what is it!
on 4/30/11 1:58 am - Rochester, NY
Problem is all I have at the moment is one bump and the pain....I don't think anybody would treat me!  Is there a test or something they do to confirm it?
on 4/30/11 7:11 am - Canada
I'm just healing from shingles (big booooo). I went in to see the dr with two bumps adn excruciating pain in my finger, he was able to diagnose me with shingles and immediately started me on anti-virals which meant that it did not spread at all - thank goodness!!!  Be careful who you hang out with - I gave both of my vaccinated children chicken pox, the last 2 weeks have sucked big time!
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