Vaseline Balls for Constipation?

on 6/17/11 9:24 am
Hi everyone! I'm having a lot of trouble getting things moving.  It's been a week, and I have been taking Miralax and Colace every day.  I went to my PCP today for something else and mentioned it to him, and he said to freeze Vaseline then roll it into little pill size balls and swallow three a day and it will get things moving.  I've googled and it is apparently used a lot in nursing homes, except they roll their Vaseline in powdered sugar, which wouldn't be good for me.  Have you ever heard of/used this remedy?  I mean, I am getting seriously worried and uncomfortable. 
Heidi L.
on 6/17/11 9:31 am - San Jose, CA
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Since you have already been taking Miralax and Colace I'd just go ahead and give yourself an enema. It should hopefully be soft enough not to give you too much trouble coming out. Make sure your evening is free.

Never heard of ingesting vaseline, but I guess it's worth a try.

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on 6/17/11 9:34 am
Well, last Saturday I gave birth to a BM, and to tell you the truth I'm a little scared.  And enemas scare me more... LOL!  If nothing happens after the vaseline I guess I'll have no choice. :)
on 6/17/11 9:53 am - Port Orchard, WA
 it works on the same premise as taking a few table spoons of mineral oil.  both mineral oil and vaseline are not digestable but they kind of lubricate the works.  go ahead and try it and see how goes.  i would only make a small one at first to make sure it does not make you ill.  and you can always try mineral oil if you think you could swallow it, but the vaseline seems like it would be easier to get down.

on 6/17/11 9:56 am - Ranson, WV
use an enema with mineral oil, works instantly but you will want to probably take a probotic which is what my doctor told me to do and i also take a prescription three times a day because im having a terrible time with the BM as well. i know that the doctor said some people get backed up with taking vitamins. hope this helps ya some
on 6/17/11 9:59 am
Thanks, y'all! I think I will try the Vaseline, and if that doesn't work, then an enema on Sunday or Monday.  I know we don't go as much as "normal" people, but a week is a bit long. I'm afraid of an obstruction or getting toxic or something horrible.... :)
Heidi L.
on 6/17/11 10:07 am - San Jose, CA
RNY on 09/21/10 with
Can seriously sympathize. Had problems my whole life. After my first born (10 pounder) I didn't go for a week. After a few hours straining, digging and enemas I finally went while squating. It tore me up worse than my son did. Larger than a softball....

Need to get over being scared. It only makes the muscles more tense. After this gets cleared up concentrate on going every other day at the latest otherwise your intestines will lose muscle tone.

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on 6/17/11 11:52 am, edited 6/17/11 11:53 am
I'm a pre-op so I'm not sure if you can take this or not. After i had knee surgery, for the first time in my adult years, I was constipated in the hospital. I have bm's about 4 times a day around the same time with no problem daily. well, not this time.
I took 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and the nurse gave me an enema(my very first one and warm).  I would say in less than 5 minutes,wooooooosh. I felt soooooo much better.

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on 6/17/11 12:10 pm
 Have you tried Milk of Magnesia?  That is my go to when I get constipated.  Fortunately I haven't had to use it for a while.  I have been taking magnesium oxide 500mg twice a day as well as Miralax daily along with fiber and probiotics and things have been, well, moving along.
I think I would rather use a suppository instead of the vaseline but that is just me.

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on 6/17/11 1:09 pm - CA
I have never heard of it, but when I saw your post, I was thinking the balls would be alot bigger and you were going to have to take them from the other end!!!

LOL I hope it works for you! I took the liquid milk of mag and it worked pretty well. I couldn't imagine taking colace and miralax & it still not working! I feel for you and hop things start moving soon! 

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