Anxiety/Panic attacks?

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Anyone out there suffer from this? I suffer from high levels of anxiety and panic and my heart races at the thought of my surgery this upcoming Wed. I was wondering if anyone else suffers from this? And if so how can I calm myself to not freak out the morning of the surgery.
on 7/31/11 11:12 am
 I have General Anxiety disorder with Panic Attacks...Horrible as Im sure you know.  Before my surgery I asked the doc for some valium in my IV and he was more than happy to oblige...Best of luck to you :)
on 7/31/11 11:15 am
I've suffered from panic/anxiety disorder since 2003.  I know how horrible it is.  I FREAKED OUT right up until I went into the OR for my RNY.  I was so dumb, not taking a transquilizer as offered by the anesthesiologist.  If they offer it to you, take it!  You will feel so much better.  Even without panic disorder, it's normal to feel scared about the surgery. 

All the best to you.... sending you HUGS  

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on 7/31/11 11:24 am
Yes they're HORRIBLE! My heart rate tends to go way up and I have to calm myself as best as I can. I currently take Buspar and its done a world of wonders for me- But w/ surgery coming up so soon I'm freaking out bad. I already told them during my pre-op I wanna be heavily sedated I don't wanna know what's going on because I will flip out. lol. They laughed and said "Understood". Thank you girls for understanding.
on 7/31/11 12:14 pm
I talked to my surgeon and he stated that I could take my anxiety meds that am (klonipin) and if they needed to give me something in the waiting room they could. They brought me back so fast. I talked to the anesthesiologist and told him I had a panic attack on the table during my c-section and he made sure I was give 2 vials of meds. All I remember was them telling me to move to the table (it felt like a dream) and them putting the mask over my face. I told him that I don't like my arms strapped down. He laughed and said  I will give you so many meds prior that you won't even care. I remember thinking "oh my arms are strapped down and I don't even care" LOL
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on 7/31/11 1:20 pm
Bahahahahaha Shelly! I hope that's my experience. I asked if I could take my meds they said no that they'd give me something to calm me down once I was there. I told them to dope me up so hopefully they'll do that. LOL. Seriously if I know what's going on in the O.R. when I go in I'm gonna flip. lol.
on 7/31/11 1:30 pm - FL
I also have major anxiety problems. In fact, when my surgeon's nurse called to schedule my surgery I told her to not even bother scheduling if there wasn't a plan in place to deal with my anxiety. I am majorly claustrophobic also. We went ahead and scheduled and then she said she was going to talk to Dr. Friedman about how to make sure I am taken care of. He told her he was my advocate and for me to not worry, I would have no anxiety. He also had her write letters to the OR team, the anesthesia team and who knows else (her exact words were "God and everybody" LOL ). They have me on a regular regimen of xanax daily for 2 weeks before the surgery and then 2 weeks after (instead of as needed like usual).

I told her I don't "like" pain, but I am not afraid of it... I am afraid of being afraid.
on 7/31/11 1:37 pm
OMG , you hit the nail on the head! I am afraid of being afraid myself! DING, DING, DING! That sums it up. We are afraid of the "unknown"- I'm so glad I am not alone with anxiety and panic disorder and having gastric bypass. Y'all have been super helpful.
on 7/31/11 2:23 pm - Tallahassee, FL
I deal with high anxiety. They normally will give you something to help calm you down! Just make sure you tell all the nurses and Drs you talk to so they aree all on the same page! Good luck, hope your surgery goes well!
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on 7/31/11 3:05 pm
 Hey if it helps I'm in same boat-Aug 3rd-I also suffer from anxiety, I'm trying to talk to myself and deep breathing helps me, keep positive thoughts-we will do great,tell nurses about panic attacks, tell them you need something -Best wishes to you-HUgs to you 
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