Well This Is It

on 9/6/11 9:44 am - MN
Finally, I go in tomorrow morning for my surgery.  This has been a long and hard fought battle that I am finally winning.  I know this is just the beginning but I am thrilled to know that I am going to be much healthier than I was before as I diligently use this wonderful tool that will be given to me.  Please pray for me as I continue this journey.  This site helps me more than you know and will continue to come on her moving forward. I will make sure to get back to everyone to let you know how the surgery went.  Much appreciation to you all.


on 9/6/11 9:56 am
best of luck to you!
Kelly L  
5'ft 1in   RNY 9/12/11
301 HW / 287.7 SW / 216 CW / 150 GW

on 9/6/11 10:17 am - CA
Good luck on this next phase of your journey! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
on 9/6/11 10:22 am
God speed on a quick recovery,,see ya on the losers bench,,
Angie H.
on 9/6/11 10:38 am - TN
Congrats!!! We can be on the loser's bench together!!! I have surgery on Monday!!

I know what you  mean about the long fought battle.... And I share your sentiment about FINALLY WINNING!!

on 9/6/11 1:20 pm
I pray you have a safe journey pass the finish line...
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