I am hoping for gas! Stinky gas!

on 9/17/11 2:29 pm - Ontario, CA
So I was just thinking about what everyone has been saying about lots of loud stinky gas after RNY surgery.  It suddenly struck me that having this stinky gas will actually help me when I go back to work.

The library I work at started a policy about 9 months ago that no one could close the doors of their office unless they were actually in a meeting.  As the director put it to me "we wonder what people have to hide when they close their office doors."  Since my office is in full view of the refrence desk even when I am not on the desk...I am.  If the person on desk is off helping someone else, people see me and of course I have to go out and help them.  It makes getting work done difficult.

But having loud stinky gas will mean that I really have to close my office door--and the director will know exactly what I am doing.  And I will be able to get more work done while farting merrily away.

on 9/17/11 2:42 pm - WY

that gave me a good giggle! thank you :)

on 9/17/11 2:52 pm - TX
LOL!!!!!!! But isn't there a noise policy as well. "Shhhh, QUIET PLEASE" Be careful not to violate that policy as well. LOL!!!!!!

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on 9/17/11 3:29 pm - Ontario, CA
Many public libraries are not all that quiet anymore.  Ours certainly isn't, but if you try to do something about it you hear that it is due to the culture many of our patrons come from and that seems to excuse them from following traditional library rules.

And here again loud stinking farting may be a big help.  By letting 'er rip I will probably startle patrons in silence.  Then the smell might drive the most disruptive ones out.

The more I think about it, this could be a win-win situation!

on 9/17/11 4:05 pm - CA
It definitely works on teenagers...I was at the park yesterday and my son was playing ball with 2 high school kids. I was sitting on a nearby bench, it was nice and windy, so I decided to let one rip. It was a REALLY funky one! I swear! The wind just stopped and the green cloud settled right over the bench. At exactly that moment, the two kids decided to take a break and sit on the adjacent bench. They were chatting away, then suddenly stopped and looked at eachother and moved to sit on the grass quite a distance away. Then they hopped on their bikes and left. I told you it was funky...LOL.
on 9/17/11 5:43 pm - Ontario, CA
on 9/17/11 10:12 pm - OH
I don't know what culture most of your patrons come from, but maybe loud stinky farts are also socially acceptable in  their culture?  Besides, if they are really stinky ones, you might prefer not to be closed up in your office!  Perhaps it would be best to go out to the desk when you feel one coming on.

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on 9/18/11 1:56 am, edited 9/18/11 1:58 am - Ontario, CA
LOL!  If I did that, the director might ban me from the desk altogether...  What a conundrum: not able to close my door and be off the desk but not allowed to on the desk.

Hey! maybe they'd pay me not to be there...  This stinky gas thing is sounding better and better. 
on 9/17/11 5:26 pm - vancouver, WA

 too funny! I thought I was the only one! Mine are so bad, I am wondering if I will be able to hold them in at work! I can't let them loose. I work too close to other people! LOL

on 9/17/11 5:45 pm - Ontario, CA
Be careful.  That way lies explosion!
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