Melody D.
on 12/16/11 1:38 pm - Pueblo, CO
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I'm now 1 year, 1 month, 12 days out.  I hit the scale this morning at 127....GOAL!!  I will likely weigh even less than that after January 3rd.  That is when I have my panniculectomy (lower tummy tuck) and breast reduction/lift done.  I'm Colorado Medicaid and they're covering the panni because I get yeasty and MRSA infections, and the breasts because they're causing back problems.  Can you believe both are OUTPATIENT surgery?  I cannot fathom it.  Everything I read on the procedures say that's becoming the norm, but wow.  Give me drugs is all I gotta say. They were going to do them as two separate procedures, but I read that they can be done at the same time and that it's oftentimes better that way- one surgery, one heal-time, one time of having to deal with pain, etc.  I also needed to hurry up and heal as quickly as I can.  My hearing for my disability with Social Security is on March 7th and I'm supposed to have my back surgery before that, so I'm hoping to be in walking condition by the time the hearing comes around.

I wanted to upload my before/after pics but I don't know who to send them to so they can be on the home page.  Any input would be helpful there.

Posting my one fav recipe using protein powder as a new post.  Good luck peeps!!
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on 12/16/11 2:13 pm
Great job!  I can't answer about the photos.  
Good luck with your disability hearing.

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on 12/16/11 2:24 pm
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 Congrats on making your goal. Good luck with your plastics!
Deb T.


on 12/16/11 4:36 pm - CA
RNY on 05/31/11 with
Wow, 127!!! Congratulations to you!!!! And best of luck on your plastics. Keep us posted...
on 12/16/11 10:18 pm - Rochester, NY
Congratulations, that is an amazing accomplishment!

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