Two Year Mark

on 3/30/12 8:34 am - IN
Today my surgeon and I celebrated my two year surgiversary by him giving me another endoscopy. This time my he found another ulcer, but this one was bleeding. Plus the base of my esophagus is inflamed from acid reflux.

The last two years has been anything but a walk in the park. I an subsisting on saltine crackers - the only food that doesn't hurt.
on 3/30/12 8:38 am - New Berlin, NY
 Awesome on the TWO year surgiversary!!!! Whoooohooooo! You go girl.

Sorry to hear about the problems....OUCH.....

I wish you the best!

dori M.
on 3/30/12 9:31 am - MD
 Sorry you're having a rough time. I hope the next 2 yrs are better

on 3/30/12 9:52 am - TX
RNY on 02/16/12
Have you talked to your doctor (PCP) about medication? My surgeon put me on Pepcid AC immediately and I've not had any problems, so far.  (Course I'm early out.)   I'm so sorry to hear about yours.  It hasn't been easy for you.  I know you're saying crackers only, but have you tried going back to the pureed foods?  Maybe your pouch will accept them.        I do wish you luck and hope this will be straightened out soon.                         
on 3/30/12 9:58 am - PA
Sorry for your difficulties.  Let's hope that you can get those ulcers healed.

I agree that weight loss surgery is not a walk in the park for everyone.  Just hang tough.
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on 3/30/12 11:00 am - IN
The whole reason I had the endo today was because my surgeon has had me on Previcid for a long time, and my insurance company (I will lovingly call Anthem ********) won't let me refill it -- won't even let the doctor refill it until he does another $4,000 scope. They won't accept his professional opinion that I need another refill. WTF??

So I leave the hospital directly to the drug store because my stomach is on fire and I need the previcid he just wrote a new script for. The pharmacy won't fill it because of course Anthem doesn't know I just got the endoscopy. At that point I burst into tears because all I want is pain relief. So they say they might hear somethng in 5-7 days. My script costs $8 month, but today I had to buy enough pills to get me by for $7 each! Seven freaking dollars a pill! I've said it before -- I LOATHE the pharmeceutical companies even more than I hate insurance crooks.

on 3/30/12 11:09 am - FL
Wow I am so sorry that you are in pain and having to deal with so much. I wish you the very best. Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Keep us posted.
on 3/30/12 11:25 am
So sorry you're going thru all that.  Does anything over the counter help that may be cheaper? Are you staying away from triggers like caffeine?

Hope you feel better and get everything worked out soon!  
Lisa R.
on 3/30/12 11:55 am - CA
 I am SOOO SOOOO SOOOOOOOO sorry, really I really really am!

I am almost a year out and have some issues, not ulcers, of my own.  I hate when I go to the doctor and tell them about my issues and ask for pain meds (so I don't get ulcers) and they treat me like I am a drug addict!  Ugh!  

I hate being in pain, and I hate that the medical community gets to tell US when we can and can not have pain relief!  It sucks!  Can you just pay for the meds yourself?  If I could find a legal way to buy pain relieves that WORK I would pay out of pocket, but with the stuff I need that would be considered illegal :(
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on 3/30/12 7:15 pm
I hope you feel better soon.  Congratulations on having lost so much.  I was thinking about you the other day.