Protein Pancakes recipe

Dave Chambers
on 9/12/12 7:49 am - Mira Loma, CA

A lady named Wendy F. spoke about these at one of my support meetings last night. She avoids bread, as that was a major issue in her obesity prior to RNY.  She has these as a bread substitute. She spoke of wanting a PB & J sandwich yesterday. She put 2 of these pancakes in her microwave to thaw them. Put peanut butter and SF jelly on one rolled it up, and it solved her hunger issue. 

This is for you Dave...Protein Pancakes.
I mix everything in a vita mix/blender. Recipe can be doubled. Beat 2 eggs. Add 1 cup low fat cottage cheese, half a banana and half tsp. of baking powder and mix until smooth. Add 1 cup Quaker quick oats, one tsp. vanilla, one tsp. cinnamon and one tsp pumpkin pie spice (optional). Mix until smooth. Spray medium/hi griddle with Pam and measure out pancake mix using a 1/4 cup. Pancakes can be put in the freezer. I heat two frozen pancakes at a time in the micro for 90 seconds. Top with SF syrup, peanut butter, sliced banana, etc. 

Wendy F   I forgot one ingredient...with the cottage cheese add 1.5 Tbs. Truvia/sugar substitute.

I'm going to try these later today. I'll try adding some of the unflavored whey isolate protein I use in part of the mix to see if they cook well and taste the same later today. DAVE

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Neen L.
on 9/12/12 8:20 am - Arlington, VA
Those sound great. I bet the banana gives them more than enough sweetness; I like my pancakes a little savory since I have them with fruit or jam.

I have a ricotta waffle recipe you might enjoy as well:

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Turtle Lynn
on 9/12/12 8:37 am - New Castle, DE
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Sounds great, thanks for sharing!!!!!

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on 9/12/12 1:17 pm
This is going in my recipe file.  Let me know how it comes out with the protein powder.  I may try them using vanilla protein powder since I am out of the unflavored and can't afford to buy any more.
I make a somewhat similar recipe that someone posted here for protein muffins that I usually have with  my lunch everyday that includes oats instead of flour.  I also do not eat bread or anything with gluten, although I do not go out of my way to use gluten free oats (too expensive and the amount of gluten that may have come in contact with the oats is most likely too small to make a difference.)  There is also a very easy pancake recipe that is just eggs and cream cheese that is very tasty.

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