Tell me about your experience with the Arterial Blood Gas test !

on 1/31/13 12:42 pm - Edmonton, Canada
RNY on 04/10/13
Agh!! It hurt me so so so bad.

But, I have really bad veins to start with. I was in emerg. They sent the first person to do the test. Poked me a bunch of times and couldnt get it. Sent the next person in..again a bunch of painful pokes with nothing. Finally they sent this guy who looked like he was in a rock band in the 80s...I immediately got afraid. Its no secret that women are generally more gentle so I was sure this guy was going to hurt me.
I was so suprised. He was so gentle, took a long time, talked me down from my panic and told me how he has done so many over the years he usually doesnt even leave a bruise. Next thing I knew he had it in the first try!

So, Im sure that not everyone has the terrible experience that I did. Its really only because of my veins (dont even get me started on ivs!!!).
Just stay calm and you will do fine!           

Surgery date: April 10, 2012    

Starting Weight: 386.0
Surgery Weight: 329.0

on 1/31/13 1:00 pm - CA

It hurt when the needle went in for 5 seconds and then, the pain went away to just a little ache for a few minutes and I am a sissy!

on 1/31/13 1:16 pm - MI

It all depends on who does it.  If they take the time to really know where they are going.  It can be anywhere from hurts like hell to I hardly felt a thing.  It is all in the luck of who you get.

  Blessings,   Lynn    

Band to RnY - 3/13/13

on 1/31/13 9:09 pm - ME

Why would someone need this?

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