Body size (right vs. left)

on 2/1/13 4:36 am - MN

I am almost 4 months post op and feel my right side looks thinner then my left?  I am staring at myself in mirror more because Im noticing weight loss more lately went from a size 22 to a 16 pants.  xxxl top  I to a Large.  But i swear my boobs are different sizes and there is a fat roll under my left armpit and not the right?  Will I even out or will I be uneven".  My husband says its in my head and Im twisting my body to form the difference!  

on 2/1/13 4:45 am

It most likely will even out over time, but I suppose there is no guarantee.  I've noticed things shifting weirdly and unevenly, but it just keeps changing.  I'm hoping that it will all even out in the end.  I'd also like my skin to shrink a bit more, but who knows what I'll wind up with.

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on 2/1/13 5:36 am - Rochester, NY
RNY on 01/21/13

Nobody is perfectly symmetrical - one boob is bigger than the other, one eye a little higher or lower, etc.  I bet you're scrutinizing yourself so much that you're just noticing and exaggerating it in your mind.

on 2/1/13 12:19 pm - Sacramento, CA
I am not symmetrical at all. My right boob is bigger than my left and my pannis hangs down way lower in the right side than the left. Like 3 inches lower! So maybe your not symmetrical, but who cares? No one else is either and I'm sure no one notices even if you are (or aren't.)

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on 2/1/13 11:56 pm - MI
Don't feel bad, I flood on my right leg! Lol. I notice that my right side is bigger in general. Guess that is because I am right handed.
on 2/2/13 4:26 am - MN

Maybe I am prob. the only one who would notice, but honestly heavier I did not notice being uneven :/  


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