I remember going on Cruises just to eat!

on 2/15/13 4:01 am

Wow! could you imagine going on a cruise to eat all day and get reduce to a sack lunch,  IT's a little like the first months after surgery. You Think

on 2/15/13 6:10 am
RNY on 03/11/13

For the past few years I wanted to go on a cruise, but now that I decided to have WLS I'm no longer into it. Once ya take the 24hr buffet off the table, it doesn't seem worth it anymore. I shoulda gone last year .. lol


on 2/15/13 8:30 am

I have been on a few cruises since WLS. I wondered how I could ever have eaten that much!!  I still enjoy cruising as well as the food. However, it is no longer the center of my world or life!

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Amelia L.
on 2/15/13 9:24 am
RNY on 08/20/12

I cruise frequently and have had no problems limiting my food (yet).  I order an appetizer for my main meal. Usually have a couple of bites and I'm good.  For dessert I order the cheese plate and take sandwich bags with me to keep the cheese in for later or the next morning. 

However, I understand kinda where you are coming from.  Life before centered around the next meal now not so much.   I now enjoy the challenge of getting my protein in and being creative with my ordering of food.  The waiters are always very helpful. 


on 2/15/13 10:21 am - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12

I was just talking to someone about the Carnival fiasco and said well other than the smell I would have been fine! When we went in December I had my tub of protein powder and two cases of water, I ate meat at my meals and it was fantastic! however with what they had to eat I probably would have just drank my protein shake and the jerky I had in my bag but boy would everyone else know how we feel! lol

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